Oil finish for hand rubbing, 250ml (Shake very thoroughly)

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U'Beaut - Shellawax Products
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Product description

U'Beaut Aussie Oil - just in case the Aussie in your life is starting to squeak! Seriously though folks:-

This is an oil type finish similar to Danish oil - yet nothing like it. This product is designed to be hand rubbed onto raw timber, giving a finish with a hard, bright, high gloss. It will bring out amazing depth and brilliance to most timbers making the grain pop and become opalescent, vibrant, shimmering and alive. The is especially so when it is used on a fine grained, highly figure timber. And as if that's not enough it does it all in a matter of minutes.

Aussie Oil is ideal for use on most small items like pendants, brooches, earrings, small turned items that cannot be fully finished on the lathe. Pens, magnifying glass handles, compacts, key rings, letter openers, in fact almost anything made of wood you can comfortably hold in your hand to polish. As an extra added bonus, it also works brilliantly as a friction polish on the lathe.

U'Beaut Aussie Oil: 250 ml bottle.

This product must be shaken vigorously to mix it completely and make it work. Just giving it a bit of a wishy-washy wobble won't work as it will not mix properly! You also need to shake it each and every time you apply it to your rag. Full instructions for use are available on the U'Beaut website

About U'Beaut - Shellawax Products

An Australian company, U'Beaut speicalise in the manufacture of unique, high-performance woodfinishes with particular application in woodturning.

They have become especially well known over the years for their shellac based finishes, including the Shellawax liquid and cream.