O'Donnell 8x1.1/2in (200*38mm) 80 grit recessed Ruby wheel

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Mick O'Donnell
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For the ultimate edge, why not equip your grinder with the ultimate grinding wheel. Most turners today realise that sharpening their High Speed Steel tools (HSS - as sold on this site) on a traditional grey grinding wheel is asking for trouble with shortened tool life and an overheated cutting edge. The newer 'breed' of Aluminium Oxide wheels, often known as 'white wheels' for obvious reasons, were the favoured solution to this problem for some years. These wheels gave improved results with HSS tools because their grit is sharper than that of the older-style grey wheels.

A further step forward was taken when sharpening guru and innovative turner Mick O'Donnell came up with the ultimate fast, cool-cutting 'Ruby' grinding wheels. These wheels are sharper than either grey, white, or even pink aluminium oxide wheels and keep their shape better than any of these, including white wheels. That's why we offer, and use, O'Donnell Ruby Grinding Wheels: as Tina Turner might say "they're simply the best"!

Sharper grains mean faster cutting - faster cutting means less heat build-up, reducing the risk of drawing the temper of the steel and giving a really fine edge to all of your tools.

Don't you and your tools deserve the best?


  • Wheel Diameter: 8 in. (200mm)
  • Wheel Width: 1.1/2 in. (40mm)
  • Wheel Style: Recessed one side only
  • Fitting width (at hub): 1 in. (20mm)
  • Grit Size: 80 grit, suitable for sharpening turning tools
  • Material: Ruby Alumium Oxide
  • Wheel Bore Diameter: 32mm to accept mounting bush
  • Mounting Bush Diameter (to match grinder shaft diameter): Please specify required bush diameter when ordering
The dimensions of this wheel make it suitable for replacing the wide white wheel delivered on Creusen, Record and other grinders - to the great benefit of your sharpening regime.

About Mick O'Donnell

Acclaimed woodturner Mick O'Donnell has created a range of sharpening equipment.