O'Donnell 8*1.1/4in (200*32mm)*80 grit x 31.75 Ruby wheel

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Mick O'Donnell
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These wheels have been specifically created to enable users of the Axminster slow-speed 8 inch grinders to benefit from the availability of premium grinding wheels designed to fit this grinder.

A great step forward in turning tool sharpening was taken when sharpening guru and innovative turner Mick O'Donnell came up with these ultimate fast, cool-cutting 'Ruby' grinding wheels. These wheels are sharper than either grey, white, or even pink aluminium oxide wheels and keep their shape better than any of these, including white wheels.

Wheel diameter: 8 in. (200mm)
Wheel width: 1.1/4 in. (25mm)
Grain size: 80 grint
Application: Sharpening of turning tools
Wheel type: Plain
Abrasive type: 'Ruby' Aluminium Oxide grit
Bore size: 1.1/4 in. (31.75mm) for direct fitting onto the wheel mounting 'hubs' of the grinder
To fit shaft size: 1.1/4 in. (31.75/32mm) only

About Mick O'Donnell

Acclaimed woodturner Mick O'Donnell has created a range of sharpening equipment.