Multi-Gauge, with dial indicator

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Product description

With its flat foot set parallel to the base, the Oneway Multi-Gauge is the one and only tool that really works for precision setting of machines around the workshop. It allows you to set them up quickly, accurately and with no fuss.

The Oneway Multi-Gauge is an evolution in the way dial indicators can be used in the home workshop.

The indicator has an 11/32 in. (8.75mm) travel and is held exactly perpendicular to the ground base. The frame is 1.1/4 in. (32mm) thick and is made from quality cast iron, precision machined on three edges at exactly 90 degrees to each other.

Unlike setting planer (jointer) knives with a straight edge, magnets or a machinist's magnetic base, the Oneway Multi-Gauge lets you know exactly where the knives are positioned in relation to the table surface.

There has never been an easier way to set up planer knives, resulting in precise thicknessing and truly parallel surfaces!

About Oneway Manufacturing

Founded in 1991, this family-owned company has consistently manufactured the finest woodturning lathes and equipment available anywhere.  ONEWAY is now into its third decade of state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing of woodturning lathes and related equipment.

ONEWAY Manufacturing, under founder Tim Clay, has set a standard for quality and innovation that is unparalleled in our industry. Their goal is to continue to design, engineer, and develop new products that provide both the hobbyist and professional woodturner the best equipment available anywhere.