Mini faceplate 40 dia. (fits in dovetail jaws)

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Product description

A simple small faceplate designed to be held within the dovetail jaws of a chuck: any chuck/dovetail jaw combination with an internal grip diameter of approximately 40mm (1.5/8 inches) will suffice. The outer diameter of the faceplate is machined at a 'dovetail' angle to afford excellent grip within the dovetail jaws.

The faceplate is screwed to the rear of the workpiece, using countersunk woodscrews, through the four holes provided. A central hole is provided to aid accurate location of the faceplate on the workpiece.

Being smaller than a conventional faceplate ring, this faceplate can be mounted onto the base of a smaller bowl blank and occupies less of the base area, leaving you with wider options for shaping and styling the bowl base whilst still affording a tenacious grip on the workpiece.

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