Mike Mahoney on the McNaughton Centre Saver, DVD

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Mike Mahoney
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For anyone who owns or is thinking of buying a McNaughton Centre Saver, Mike's production showing its safe and efficient use is a revelation. If you own the tool, you really need the video: I thought I had been using the McNaughton system for long enough to know how to use it but Mike gave me so much food for thought and improved my use of the tool out of all recognition - as well as taking all of the fear and trepidation out of the process! If you have ever been privileged - and I use that word quite knowingly and deliberately - to see a demonstration by Mike Mahoney, then you will know what the word "accomplished" truly means. Not only is Mike a superb and skilled (and left-handed) turner but is also an excellent presenter whose easy, friendly, supportive attitude shines through every scene of his DVDs.

About Mike Mahoney

Mike Mahoney is one of the worlds leading exponents of bowl and hollow form turning.