Merlin2 Nick Agar Signature Varispeed set

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King Arthur's Tools, USA
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Nick Agar is a world famous sculptural woodworking artist who is a rock star in the woodturning world. He is in demand for demonstrations and classes internationally and is recognized by collectors around the world. His Norwegian Sunset Bowl is a beautifully crafted, multi-textured work that represents the best of woodworking and professional turning artistry. Nick and King Arthur's Tools are jointly proud of the partnership and co-branding that has resulted in this fantastic Signature Series. Nick helped tremendously in the development of several key products which have a multitude of applications in the wonderful world of woodturning.

"I hope you enjoy using this set as much as I am excited to be a part of this new range of products. This tool opens up new possibilities. It's faster, more efficient and the finish happens in seconds instead of hours." - Nick Agar

Portable and versatile, MERLIN2© is a wizard of a tool for creating shapes, textures and getting into hard to reach areas.

Owning a MERLIN2© mini angle grinder enables you to use additional accessories which will allow you to fit a wide selection of Hook & Loop, 3M RolocT, Quick Change, Surface Conditioning and Bristle Disc attachments with the addition of the HTC Backing Pad.

This latest version of the Merlin grinder features upgraded electronics; a superb motor that powers effortlessly between 0 - 13,000 rev/min with improved efficiency; a one-piece cast aluminum safety guard; spiral bevel transmission gears which operate more quietly and produce less vibration; a recessed switch guard for safer operation; a larger colling fan to cope with operation in the warmest of summers, plus additional side vents; and a textured grip finish



1 - Merlin2© 8 x Tooth Chain - 21008
1 - Merlin2© Coarse Carbide Disc (Red) - 10009
1 - Merlin2© Instructions
1 - Merlin2© Bag


1 - QC HTC, Spanner & Backing Pad - 10091
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 24 Grit Sanding Disc 10054A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit Sanding Disc 10055A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Sanding Disc 10056A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 240 Grit Sanding Disc 10057A
1 - QC Bristle Disc Green - Coarse 10061A
1 - QC Bristle Disc Yellow - Medium 10062A
1 - QC Buffing Pad 10065A
1 - H&L Backing Pad - Soft 10063A
1 - H&L Backing Pad - Medium 10064A


1 - Extreme Coarse (Purple) Thick Profile Flat Disc 10086A
1 - Coarse (Blue) Thin Profile Flat Disc 10087A
1 - Medium (Red) Thick Profile Flat Disc 10088A
1 - Fine (Green) Thin Flat Profile Disc 10089A

2.2"(56mm) HOOK & LOOP SANDERS

4 - Oversize H&L 80 Grit Sanders 10075A
4 - Oversize H&L 120 Grit Sanders 10076A
4 - Oversize H&L 180 Grit Sanders 10077A
4 - Oversize H&L 240 Grit Sanders 10078A
4 - Oversize H&L 320 Grit Sanders 10079A
4 - Oversize H&L 400 Grit Sanders 10080A
4 - Oversize H&L 600 Grit Sanders 10081A
4 - Oversize H&L 800 Grit Sanders 10082A
4 - Oversize H&L 1200 Grit Sanders 10083A

About King Arthur's Tools, USA

King Arthur’s Tools is a small, family owned business located in North Florida. We offer a unique range of carving products developed to cut and shape a variety of different materials. King Arthur’s Tools is actively committed to developing innovative products. Our company specializes in power tools and power tool accessories – all named after medieval Knights of the Round Table. All of our products are patented and have distinct safety and performance features. Our saw chain blades are unmatched in the industry and our unique chains are manufactured exclusively for King Arthur’s Tools by Oregon Saw Chain.

Over the years King Arthur’s Tools has worked to establish diverse, proven markets that include: professional and amateur woodworkers, wood carvers and sculptors, wood turners, builders and electricians, flooring and general construction, home and boat remodelers, log homes construction, ice carvers, the straw bale home industry, D-I-Y’s, bonsai sculpting, dairy cow hoof trimming, musical instrument makers and taxidermy.

King Arthur’s Tools has always been committed to innovative, quality products, customer service, and community involvement.