Mastering Woodturning; Dublin Viking Bowl; Glenn Lucas DVD

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Glenn Lucas
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In this DVD production, master turner Glenn Lucas expands on his earlier technique-based videos to develop our skills by working through a complete project, guiding us by the hand along every step of the way. A very inspiring journey it is too.

This project is based on an eleventh century bowl, recently uncovered on a Viking settlement in Dublin and now in the collection of The National Museum of Ireland. Its elegant shape is the inspiration for Glenn's latest project. Clear instruction will help you make this otherwise challenging piece and the skills you will use can be applied to turning any bowl. Its classic form and functionality are timeless. Also included, is a short film 'Early Morning Project'

Run Time: 1:15:00
Format: 16:9 Widescreen; worldwide compatible.

About Glenn Lucas

Glenn Lucas is one of the worlds leading exponents of bowl and hollow form turning.

Glenn has made a career out of woodturning and has arguably turned more bowls than those before him... His expertise and techniques are well covered and highly regarded, and his focussed DVDs offer the ideal way to learn.