Mastering Woodturning - Bowl Turning Techniques; Glenn Lucas

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Glenn Lucas
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In this, the second of his 'Mastering Woodturning' productions, Glenn Lucas turns his attention to the subject which has been central to his 21 years of development as one of the worlds top professional woodturners. The tenor of this DVD is perhaps best summed up by the cover notes, penned by Glenn, where he explains: 'Producing this DVD has been a labour of love. In it I show and explain my personal approach to turning a bowl, along with techniques I have developed over twenty years.' The DVD opens with a brief history of Glenn's involvement with timber before moving on to the making of a bowl. Glenn's experience is of creating many hundreds of bowls annually and we are able to see the whole process from the tree to the finished article, starting with conversion by chainsaw. The conversion process continues with the use of the bandsaw, which is again described in some detail. Glenn's initial turning is done "wet', so we learn the technique of removing a usable core from the centre of the bowl (using the Oneway bowl coring system), from which a second bowl is made. The processes of drying timber, both by air-drying and kiln drying are well covered. The seasoned bowl is finish turned and the tricks for re-mounting are fully explained. Glenn has developed techniques, which he demonstrates, to enable him to create a tooled surface requiring little sanding. When finishing, Glenn uses a vacuum chuck system which he explains before finally sanding and marking the base.

About Glenn Lucas

Glenn Lucas is one of the worlds leading exponents of bowl and hollow form turning.

Glenn has made a career out of woodturning and has arguably turned more bowls than those before him... His expertise and techniques are well covered and highly regarded, and his focussed DVDs offer the ideal way to learn.