Magnetic LED Work Light with Flexible Neck

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Product description

This powerful LED work lamp is a perfect addition to any workshop.

The long flexible neck allows it to be positioned to illuminate even the most hard-to-reach areas and get rid of troublesome shadows, giving a clear view of the work in progress. To further increase the lamp's flexibility, a sliding collar on the lamp head allows either a spotlight or floodlight beam to be created. The strong magnetic base and magnetic side clip mean the light can be secured virtually anywhere on a machine. Powered by either standard AA batteries or a USB rechargeable lithium battery, this lamp gives hours of uninterrupted use and is ideal for a wide variety of machines such as scroll saws, bandsaws, sharpening machines, lathes and many more.

LED lights emit negligible heat so having the lamp close to the work causes no dicomfort, unlike traditional work lamps. And the super bonus is that the power consumption of the LED lamp is a fraction of that of a filament lamp with equivalent light output.

The kit includes:

* Magnetic base
* Magnetic side clip
* AA and Lithium battery holders - you choose whether to use rechargeable or disposable batteries
* Micro USB-A cable for charging

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