JSP PowerCap Active IP APF 10 Powered Respirator

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PLEASE NOTE: This item CAN NOT be shipped to the USA due to recent manufacturer restrictions on distribution.

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The latest version of the PowerCap, the PowerCap Active, is a dust respirator suitable for use in domestic and light industrial environments. It features an easily removable outer cover which can be machine-laundered and battery positioned for easy access and superior weight distribution, giving excellent balance.

We offer the JSP PowerCap Active IP for applications such as woodturning and power woodworking, where impact protection is essential. For users engaged in these activities, we would consider the use of any system which does not feature an IP-rated visor to be totally inadequate and inappropriate.

The JSP PowerCap Active respirator offers many advantages over its competitors such as an unrivaled low head weight of 440g, superior balance, a high impact protection ('IP') visor (to EN166) in its IP form - not to mention an affordable price, which makes life insurance premiums look prohibitive (and what is a respirator other than a life assurance device?). Being constructed around a bump cap, it really does make the whole assembly more comfortable for longer periods of wear, in my opinion. The two externally mounted filters are also very easy to remove and replace with a simple twist of the wrist.

The PowerCap© is an EN12941 device with a TH1P classification with an APF10 (Assigned Protection Factor) rating. This is the same filtration rating as the classification for an EN149 FFP2 disposable dust mask. The APF does not take account of the fact that powered devices do not need to be fit tested as they are considered to be much easier to fit and to therefore get the protection the user expects.

The PowerCap Active does away with trailing battery leads, belt mounted batteries and the ever-present danger of cable snagging and replaces this with a pair of ultra-compact Lithium Ion batteries integral to the unit - actually mounted on the rear of the bump cap. These batteries, as used on mobile telephones, still provide a full eight hours of fresh, clean air at a rate of 180 litres/minute and are easily recharged overnight using the supplied battery charger and charging dock.

The narrow visor gives excellent visibility whilst absence of a bottom "frame" eliminates the annoying habit, found with other designs of respirator, of being knocked up off the head as you drop your chin to see the work! The soft face surround fits comfortably over prescription glasses, making working siognificantly more comfortable.

The PowerCap Active Powered Respirator is guaranteed for 1 year (12 months) from date of purchase against mechanical or electrical defects. We exchange or repair without charge, any part to be found defective within this specified period. Where a part replacement is not feesible, we may at time replace the whole unit at our discretion.

This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or misuse. This guarantee does not affect your legal rights.

About JSP

Established in 1964, JSP® is internationally recognised as the leading manufacturer of innovative 'above the neck' Personal Protective Equipment specialising in Head, Eye, Face and Respiratory Protection.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities in 7 factories over 3 continents, JSP® is committed to improving occupational safety, health and well-being of people in the workplace worldwide and has been voted European leader in Industrial Head Protection by Frost and Sullivan. 

Through large investment into Research and Development and by listening to end-users, JSP® is constantly taking product development to new levels, designing highly innovative award winning PPE which performs to the highest levels even in extreme environments globally.

JSP® appreciates that PPE needs to be comfortable to wear and ensures their products are lightweight, easy to operate, compatible and are more integrated to fit with other PPE. JSP® safety helmets, hearing products, respiratory and eyewear can be customised according to individual specifications using corporate logos and colour schemes, safety messages, personal names and identity systems.

JSP® operates a BSI® Kitemark™ scheme for products, the platinum standard for product quality providing a guarantee that every product that JSP® manufactures is from a batch that has been controlled and tested to ensure it passes the relevant standard. JSP® is the chosen brand for workers as they can be confident that by choosing JSP® PPE they are wearing a Tested, Trusted and Traceable product with full technical backup and support.

The JSP® Hub runs seminars and training sessions to help educate wearers of PPE on the importance of protecting themselves against hazards in the workplace and to show workers the correct usage of PPE and the latest JSP® methodologies designed to help them check they are properly protected.