Iles Honing Kit: sharpening wheel, honing mop, soap, dresser

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Ashley Iles
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Product description

The Ashley Iles honing and sharpening system is is ideal for sharpening carving and other fine edge tools. Designed to be mounted onto a 6 inch (150mm) diameter bench grinder, the kit comprises a 4 inch (100mm) dia. diamond-impregnated rubberised grinding wheel, a 6 inch (150mm) dia. honing mop, a generous bar of honing compund for use with the honing wheel and a wheel dresser for maintaining the grinding wheel in peak condition.

Four inches diameter and composed of fine diamond particles embedded in a rubber-like matrix, the sharpening wheel provides just the right gentle grinding action to permit fine tools such as carving tools to be sharpened if the bevel shape is showing signs of blunting or becoming snub-nosed after heavy honing, or if the edge has become damaged and is in need of re-shaping. The wheel is delivered with a centre hole of approximately 1/2 in. (12.7mm) diameter ready for mounting on the spindle of most smaller grinders. If a larger mounting hole is required, the hole can be enlarged using a standard twist drill.

The honing mop is also drilled 1/2 inch. (12.7mm) diameter and can also be modified, if required. The mop is used, with the 'green soap' honing compound supplied, to give the bevels of your tools a superb polished finish, reducing any drag when cutting through the timber.

It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the wheels must be arranged to rotate AWAY from the tool edge. This means that the grinder needs to be running in REVERSE direction of rotation, in most cases. If you are unsure, please call us for further advice. We also stock grinders capable of being arranged to run safely in the reverse direction, whilst retaining the operating switch in a safe position (at the front!), making an ideal partner for these wheels.

Instructions are provided with the kit to guide you in assembling the system ready for use.

About Ashley Iles

Ashley Iles Ltd is a family run UK firm and all of our tools are made in the UK. Its story began in the autumn of 1949 when a pattern maker named Ashley Iles gave up his day job and set out on his own to make and sell tools.

He began by renting a small workshop in Sheffield for 5 shillings a week and ended up with a factory making carving and woodturning tools with a brand known worldwide.

Today the company is run by two of his sons, Tony and Barry, with the help of Tony's wife, Christine, who as Company Secretary, looks after the administrative and clerical details.