HTT carving gouge, spoon-bent, 10 mm (3/8in.), No 30 sweep.

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Product description

This carving gouge is from the Henry Taylor Tools range, manufactured in Sheffield, UK from high carbon steel, hand forged, hardened and tempered to ensure a durable product capable of being brought to a fine, sharp cutting edge.

The vital statistics of the tool are as follows (all dimensions are approximate and provided for general guidance only):-

Sweep Number: #9 (curved cutting edge in cross-section. Refer to the sweep chart for a graphical interpretation of the various sweeps and styles.)
Blade Style: Curved in a tight bend in the tip area in profile, like a spoon in longitudinal cross-section.
Blade Width (at cutting edge):10mm (3/8 inch)
Blade Length: 120mm (4.3/4 inches)
Handle Material: Beech, with brass ferrule
Handle Size: 115mm (4.1/2 in.) long; 24mm (~ 1 in.) diameter.

These tools are designed for use by hand (or gently with a carver's mallet) and incorporate a bolster between blade and handle to absorb the thrust forces generated in use. Blades are non-reflective black outside and straw colour within the flute (where applicable).

Though these tools are supplied sharpened and honed, we would always advise that any edge tool should be sharpened and honed by the user prior to first use. (Only you can possibly know exactly how you like your tools sharpened - and only you have the ultimate responsibility and interest in ensuring that they are fully prepared for your use).

About Henry Taylor Tools

Hand Forged Steel Wood Working Tools for Wood Carving and Woodturning; High Speed Steel Tools and Carbon Steel Tools from Henry Taylor.

Diamic brand woodturning tools have been produced in Sheffield by skilled craftsmen, from the finest steel for more than one hundred and fifty years. The manufacturer of these tools marries traditional hand crafting and forging skills with modern heat treatment and finishing techniques to give the quality of design, finish and edge retaining properties demanded by woodturners of today. Stringent control ensures that the best steel is selected. Each tool is carefully forged, correctly hardened and tempered, then hardness-tested to guarantee edge retention.

Acorn carving tools are world renowned and have been made by Henry Taylor Tools since 1834, combining the traditional pride and skills of those far off days with the aids of modern technology. Only the best quality steel is used, coupled with advanced heat treatment, to ensure that the finest of cutting edges is not only achieved but also maintained.