Hamlet 6 piece woodcarving tool set in display box

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Hamlet Craft Tools
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This is a set of six woodcarving tools representing the tools most commonly used in basic woodcarving projects. These are full-sze tools, intended for serious carving but being economically priced can also serve as an introduction to the absorbing craft of woodcarving. The tools are manufactured by Hamlet Craft tools, a subsidiary of Henry Taylor Tools, in Sheffield, UK from high carbon steel, hand forged, hardened and tempered to ensure a durable product capable of being brought to a fine, sharp cutting edge. The tools included in the set are as follows:

#2 sweep straight skew chisel, 10mm
#4 sweep shallow straight gouge, 20mm
#5 sweep shallow straight gouge, 5mm
#7 sweep straight gouge, 3mm
#7 sweep curved gouge, 10mm
#39 sweep straight vee-tool, 3mm

The blades are approx. 115mm long. The tools are fitted with turned beech handles approx. 140mm long and 27mm diameter. The handles sport brass ferrules. Blades are polished all over.

These tools are designed for use by hand (or gently with a carver's mallet) and incorporate a bolster between blade and handle to absorb the thrust forces generated in use.

Though these tools are supplied sharpened and honed, we would always advise that any edge tool should be sharpened and honed by the user prior to first use. (Only you can possibly know exactly how you like your tools sharpened - and only you have the ultimate responsibility and interest in ensuring that they are fully prepared for your use).

About Hamlet Craft Tools

Based in Sheffield and still manufacturing tools in the traditional way, Hamlet Craft Tools is a mainstay of the woodturnign and woodcarving world, offering both high quality craftsmanship with good value for money.

Hamlet Craft Tools, based in Sheffield, England have been producing quality tools for a long time but, in the tradition of this famous toolmaking city, had been producing these for others to sell under their own brand names.  The Company are now part of the Henry Taylor group and have brought that tradition of excellence and experience to the range of tools now marketed under the Hamlet brand.

A number of products offered in these pages are available uniquely through The ToolPost inthe UK.  This includes the full range of M42 gouges, covering bowl, spindle and spindle roughing gouge types.