Grip-A-Disc shear sanding system with 50mm sanding pad

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Jill Piers Grip-a-Disc Abrasive System
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Whilst power sanding is undoubtedly a very useful technique, some turners do not own, or do not wish to use, their power tools for this process. The ever-present danger from dust inhalation also limits the attractiveness for health-conscious turners. Happily, the Grip-A-Disc system provides a halfway-house solution in the Shear Sanding system. This provides a comfortable hand-held tool, with a head which can be positioned at the operator's choice of attack angle, on the end of which is a free-spinning backing pad faced with hook grips to hold the abrasive pad. By gently applying the pad to the work, the rotation of the workpiece also causes the abrasive pad to rotate. By altering the contact angle between the pad and the workpiece, relative movement is produced and voila! you have powered sanding without any external power source. Being less aggressive than using external power, this process is very controllable and generates far less dust. A further advantage of this simple system is that the compact, positionable head makes it easy to arrange the head to allow the inside of natural edge bowls to be sanded without risk to knuckles or bowl edges. The sanding pad in this version is 50mm (2") diameter and the kit is completed with a selection of two each of the five abrasive grits (80; 120; 180; 240 and 320 grits). A 3" diameter version of the system is also available.

About Jill Piers Grip-a-Disc Abrasive System

One of the longest standing and original sheer shanding systems, the Grip-a-Disc format has stood the test of time. It's unique foam sanding pads and articuilated head set it apart from the competition.