Grip-A-Disc Lambswool Polishing Pad, 80 mm dia.

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Jill Piers Grip-a-Disc Abrasive System
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Product description

Lambswool is an excellent material for the final polishing of waxed surfaces. This loop-fabric-backed lambswool buff has a compliant foam insert and is designed to be fitted onto a 75mm diameter Grip-A-Disc rigid backing pad, as used in the Grip-A-Disc power sanding system, or on a Grip-A-Disc shear sander.

About Jill Piers Grip-a-Disc Abrasive System

One of the longest standing and original sheer shanding systems, the Grip-a-Disc format has stood the test of time. It's unique foam sanding pads and articuilated head set it apart from the competition.