Gator Clamps Clamp 'N' Spread bar clamp, 450 mm capacity.

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Gator Clamps
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Product description

The Gator Clamp 'n' Spread clamp is a fast-acting lever-operated clamp/spreader with a maximum clamping capacity of 450mm (18 ins.).

The heads are each equipped with two operating faces, each equipped with a rubber pressure pad to minimise damage to worksurfaces. The dual faces permit the clamp to be used in both clamping and spreading mode without any need to re-configure the jaw arrangement. A simple switch lever is moved across to switch instantly from compression to expansion mode. The same changeover lever functions to release the locking of the head to the bar, allowing the heads to be moved/released under finger pressure.

The faces of the clamp heads are finished with a removable rubber-effect cap to reduce marring of the clamped surface. The head construction is a robust and durable plastic moulding and the bar is black passivated steel.

About Gator Clamps

Convenient quick clamps for both compression and expansion.

GATOR CLAMPS™ has generated a whole new excitement to the clamping scene. With new ideas in both products and merchandising we have stimulated growth within this category: in standards, quality, turnover, relevance and exposure.

From the professional woodworker to Home Improvement clientele, GATOR CLAMPS™ offers more unique and powerful clamping tools for all.