Flexcut #8 x 1/4" gouge

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Flexcut Carving Tools
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Product description

Flexcut chisels are cut from spring steel to produce tools which have a unique flexibility. Many carvers find this flexibility allows them to deflect the tool in the cut to better follow the desired cutting surface. This blade is one of the series designed to be mounted in the interchangeable handles (types SK100; SK102 or SK103). The blades are supplied ready sharpened and honed, ready to use.

The vital statistics of the tool are as follows (all dimensions are approximate and provided for general guidance only):-

Sweep Number: #8 (curved cutting edge)
Blade Style: Straight
Blade Width (at cutting edge): 6mm (1/4 inch)
Blade Length: 77mm (3 inches) plus the tang, 25mm (1 inch) long for insertion into the handle
Handle Material: None: this is a blade only for use with one of the range of Flexcut interchangeable handles
Handle Size: N/A

These tools are designed for use by hand. Blades are non-reflective black all over.

About Flexcut Carving Tools

Made in the USA, the Flexcut range of woodcarving tools are amongst the best money can buy. Their innovative design and style have become much loved amongst the carving community, and with good reason.

Designed with an intimate knowledge of woodcarving itself, this new innovation has grown in popularity and variety. Beginning with only 4 different tool profiles, Flexcut now produces and distributes over 300 products developed for the woodcarving market.

Flexcut's unwavering commitment to customer service, continuous improvement, and innovation ensures delivery of products that utilize cutting edge technology and are consistently superior in quality.

At Flexcut, we continue to add state-of-the-art equipment and procedures that enable us to concentrate on the details that result in the manufacturing and on-time delivery of user-friendly products.

Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. was founded in 1986, under the name of Falls Run Woodcarving, primarily as a custom carving shop and woodcarving school. In 1992, Flexcut began manufacturing a new breed of woodcarving tools to address the needs of the modern hobbyist and professional.

Carving tool design had not changed much since the industrial revolution, although the people practicing woodcarving did.

Over the last few years, we have introduced "The Carvin' Jack Collection" - folding jackknives designed for woodcarving, new specialty knives, sharpening products and a line of Micro Tools.

With more new products being planned for design and manufacture, our customers have come to expect the most innovative products made by the most skilled craftsmen.