Famag Bormax Forstner bit, 7/8 in.

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Famag Precision Drilling
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About Famag Precision Drilling

Famag are respected and well known for their precision drill tooling manufacturing, most notably for their Forstner bits.

Do you know the meaning behind the name “FAMAG”? A long time ago, the company was structured as a German AG (PLC). For that reason, the initials of Friedrich August Mühlhoff (F.A.M.), its founder, were combined with the company´s corporate form and so the name “FAMAG” was born. At the end of the last century the company was officially called “FAMAG-Werkzeugfabrik Friedrich-August-Mühlhoff”. With the beginning of the new millennium the last member of the Mühlhoff family left so we dropped the addition “Friedrich-August-Mühlhoff” and today we trade under the name “FAMAG Werkzeugfabrik”.

Its production facility is situated in the centre of the country of Berg, a territory of the Duchy of Berg who gave the region its name. This area is also known as the cradle of the German tool industry because tools have been traditionally manufactured here for many centuries. However this industrial landscape has drastically changed especially over the last decade. Those, who still have an “iron in the fire” today, continuously have adjusted the production according to market changes over the years. On the one hand this requires in-depth knowledge of market needs along with customer demands and on the other hand a consistent modernisation of the production process. Today FAMAG has the most modern CNC machines and the latest robotic technology in use. Its highly qualified professionals apply themselves to the setting up and operating of machinery and pursuing quality assurance on a daily basis.