Dura-Grit 9 mm Conical Tip Burr, 80 grit

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Dura Grit Micro Tooling
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Product description

Dura-GRIT burrs use a tungsten carbide grit braze welded onto an underlying steel structure to create long-lasting, hard-wearing, tools that cut, carve, sand and shape in all tyes of wood, plastics, laminates, fiberglass and even ceramic tiles! They are ideal for use in mini drills such as the Proxxon or the Dremel ranges and are available in various grit grades and many different shapes.

Style: Conical Tip Burr
Diameter: 9mm
Grit Grade: 80 grit
Shaft Size: 1/8" (3.18mm) diameter

About Dura Grit Micro Tooling

Dura-GRIT manufacture tungsten carbide high speed rotary tools and they are the longest lasting rotary burrs available