Diamond wheel dresser, single point, 6in. x 1/2in. x 0.75ct.

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Product description

Single point dressers use an industrial diamond embedded in the conical tip to remove material from the rim of a grinding wheel.

The dresser is used to flatten the surface of a grinding wheel, removing grooves caused by grinding repeatedly in the same spot: it also works, most importantly, to expose fresh (sharp) abrasive material of the wheel. This improves the performance of the wheel causing it to cut faster with less heat build-up. With careful use the dressing stick can be used to reduce the eccentricity which bedevils some grinders, causing vibration and tool bounce.

Single point dressers such as this can remove large amounts of material but do need careful control to avoid creating a roughened surface (grooved by the diamond point). This is often unimportant on wheels used for roughing but great care is required when dressing wheels used for finish sharpening.

A popular alternative is the T-Bar diamond dresser (ref: DSD), albeit at a higher price: this is a device that can also be used to refine the wheel surface after an initial dressing with a single point dresser..

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