Crown Hand Tools 3/4in. Registered Mortise Chisel

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Mortise chisels are designed to be used for the tough and heavy jobs in bench woodworing such as chopping out mortises and lock recesses. Properly termed Registered Mortise Chisels, these tools from Crown Hand Tools of Sheffield, UK, are of a similar pattern to a firmer chisel but they are heftier all round: thicker blades, hooped handles to withstand a pounding and a shock absorbing leather washer between bolster and ferrule. Being heavier in section they are unlikely to suffer if used to lever out the waste material at the end of the cut - a practise that should definitely be avoided with ordinary bench chisels. They also find use at the lighter end of timber framing projects.

These chisels are normally sharpened with a primary bevel of 25 degrees and a secondary bevel of 30 degrees. However, if softwood is being utilised, it may be found beneficial to reduce the secondary bevel to 25 degrees to match the primary bevel to give a cleaner cut in these softer timbers. This does result in a more easily damaged cutting edge so should not be undertaken lightly - and never for use in hardwoods. Bench chisels should be sharpened to the user's satisfaction, after dressing the back flat, before first use.

The chisel is fitted with a parallel steel hoop ferrule and a hoop at the top of the handle; the blade seats on the handle with a traditional forged bolster. The handle is selected ash.

The vital statistics of the tool are as follows (all dimensions are approximate and provided for general guidance only):-

Blade Width: 19mm (3/4 inch)
Blade Length: 125mm to 150mm (5 to 6 in) dependent upon blade width
Overall Length: 300mm to 345mm (12 to 13« inches) dependent upon blade width
Handle Material: Ash, double hooped.

About Crown Hand Tools

Hand made tools for woodturning, woodworking, saws, woodcarving, and the building trade.

As a family owned company, Crown Hand Tools and their loyal staff have been proudly manufacturing traditional woodworking hand tools for over fifty years.

Handmade to the finest quality, Crown has found the perfect equilibrium between tradition and innovation, making our tools beautiful as well as functional.

Their Master Craftsmen hand forge, temper and grind our tools as our ancestors did, whilst also using modern processes and materials, such as Cryogenics and Powder Metallurgy.

This combination of old and new techniques ensures Crown are giving customers what they consider to be the best quality hand tools available.