Canvas toolbag, 30 in (750mm), reinforced end panels

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As woodturners with a need to shift kits between demos, shows etc. we have long been frustrated by the dearth of suitable toolbags on the market. We've tried steel boxes but they are heavy, noisy, the tools rattle around and the box corners and fittings tend to knock bits out of your legs! Plastic boxes, if you can find any that are anything like long enough, share most of the same shortcomings. They are certainly not comfortable to carry!

We decided to use our contacts in the leather-working industry to try to get a bag, or bags, that met our definition of what was needed. The result is the robust canvas bag illustrated and it sister leather version listed under ref: GTBL27. We are proud to offer both under The ToolPost own brand.

Because good quality heavy gauge leather, though very durable, is expensive we also decided to produce a similar toolbag that still reflected the needs of the turner - and possibly the timber framer - but which is more affordable. For this we selected a heavy duty cotton canvas fabric that is tough as old boots - or maybe old-time ship's sails. It is certainly a robust material.

We used this canvas to create a bag that is slightly greater in length than the leather version - a full 30 inches (750mm) long - and also 6 inches (150mm) in diameter. This will also take in excess of 20 typical turning tools and I didn't have any in my rack that took up the full available length, but you may have even longer tools? Because tools can move around in transport, the end faces of the bag are reinforced which is intended to prevent sharp tools smashing their way out - though we seriously expect that any user worth their salt would protect the tool cutting edges during transit. Woven bindings protect all raw fabric edges, as seen in the photos.

This canvas toolbag is secured by three closure straps with hefty buckles for security and the stout webbing carry handles are long - sufficiently long that I can hoist my bag onto my shoulder for comfor

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What's to say, this is us! We are woodworkers and have been retailing in the woodturning, carving and woodworking industry for over 20 year, across two generations. We sell tools we would - and indeed do - use. If it is on the shelves, it carries (for one reason or another) our seal of approval. We are wholly independent, we can choose wherever the wind blows, we have no formal affiliation, which makes our opinons and decision the only trulky inpartial ones in the country as things stand.

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