Brass Powder (approx 150 g)

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This pure metal powder may be mixed with epoxy adhesive to form a filler 'putty' ideal for enhancing wooden artifacts (See our adhesives section for suitable epoxy adhesives: we strongly suggest that you do NOT use the 'rapid' varieties as these leave too little 'open time' for working the putty into the required location). Epoxy resins may also be used, if the required filler quantity is greater.

Such a filler is frequently used by woodturners to disguise shrinkage and drying cracks but it is probably better thought of as an enhancement, rather than a 'sticking plaster'! Worked into the voids of a burr workpiece, this can give an extremely attractive effect, contrasting well with the base timber.

It is recommended that the filler be applied to the timber before applying a finish such as wax or oil. The timber must be dry prior to application to ensure good adhesion. After fully drying the epoxy/metal powder mixture can be turned using conventional turning tools and sanded to a fine finish. Oils and waxes may be applied over the filler, once dry.

As a guide to mixing, we find it best to mix up the two components of the epoxy first, to a uniform colour and consistency. Then start to add the metal powder little by little and ONLY add sufficient to achieve a completely uniform colour (keep mixing thoroughly each time you add more metal powder). Do not overload the epoxy with filler: it will not intensify the colour and may well inhibit adhesion.

We do not recommend the use of superglues with these metal powders since they are so dense in their raw form that the superglue does not penetrate thoroughly throughout the bulk of the metal powder.

Colour: Brass (which polishes up to a decent "gold" colour)

Pack Size: 150g

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