Bowl Steady (clamp block reqd, included in price)

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Product description

The Oneway bowl steady was devised and developed through the foresight of Dave Lancaster, a professional turner in Maine.

Whilst spindle steadies have been in use almost as long as man has been turning, no-one had previously thought to apply similar principles to assist in the turning of bowls - especially larger bowls.

Difficulties can arise in bowl turning if the workpiece is significantly out of balance; if the lathe spindle bearings have excess play in them; if the wood is flexible - which may be due to thin turning, or the use of wet wood; or if the mounting of the chuck on the lathe or of the timber in the chuck is compromised in some way.

Instead of trying to use the fingers to support the rim of the bowl, the Oneway Bowl Steady is furnished with two soft-tyred wheels which are brought to bear on the outside of the bowl to support the point of maximum tool pressure during hollowing.

The steady is mounted on a baseplate which bridges across the bed bars of the lathe. The baseplate incorporates a socket which supports the substantial steel column on which the bowl steady head unit is mounted.

The baseplate is clamped to the lathe by using a stepped 'clamp block' which is fitted between the inner edges of the lathe bed, using the milled steps in the edges of the clamp block. Lathes which feature tubular, round or inverted vee bed bars are not suitable for use with a clamp block. However with a little ingenuity, the competent owner can easily engineer a way around this situation - usually by creating a lower plate similar to the baseplate itself, but which runs fully across the width of the bed bars, but underneath them.

Suitable for use with lathes with a swing up to 24 inches (600mm).

the Oneway Spindle Steady(Head Assembly Only), item ref. 3308, is also available to fit to the column, increasing the functionality of this unit.

The requisite clamp block is included in the price of this item.

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