Bowl Basics - A Workshop with Mike Mahoney, DVD

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Mike Mahoney
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If you have ever been privileged - and I use that word quite knowingly and deliberately - to see a demonstration by Mike Mahoney, then you will know what the word "accomplished" truly means. Not only is Mike a superb and skilled (and left-handed) turner but is also an excellent presenter whose easy, friendly, supportive attitude shines through ever scene of these DVDs. Mike is, above all, a bowl turner: indeed his email address is bowlturner@ ... ... so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised to find two excellent presentations of bowl-maker's skills included in this series. In "Bowl Basics", Mike covers all that one might need to know to create beautiful and functional vessels from wood. He does so with the eloquent skill of someone who turns bowls by the thousand, for Mike Mahoney is a production bowl turner and truly makes his living by creating beautifully turned objects that the public clamour to buy and does so at a rate and in a manner that supports himself and family.

About Mike Mahoney

Mike Mahoney is one of the worlds leading exponents of bowl and hollow form turning.