Bench Holdfast (single) for Elite benches

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Sjoberg Benches
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Product description

The Sjoberg Quick action holdfast is designed to work any Sjoberg Elite series bench. This simple device is unique to Sjobergs and can be used in any dog hole for clamping on the bench surface or in the legs for clamping the ends of boards or doors etc held in the vice. The Holddfast is fitted through a 1 in. (25mm) diameter hole and the bench top needs to be of substantial thickness in order for it to operate successfully. Thus it is ideal for use with the Sjoberg Elite benches, but not with lighter, less substantial products.

About Sjoberg Benches

The thought behind a bench from Sjöbergs is that you as the user, can decide what functions it should have and also its appearance.

The top of the Stockaryd bench is produced in beech with traditional, sturdy and secure guiding of the shoulder vice. Shoulder vice is easily adjustable. Bench dogs are always included!