Beall Spindle Tap M33 x 3.5mm

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Beall Tool Company
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These taps are machined in lathe spindle sizes so that after you have drilled a wood block, you can tap it and mount it directly on your lathe. The tapped block can then be put to use in a special face plate, vacuum fixture or other mounting assembly. This version matches an M33 x 3.5mm lathe spindle thread. User instructions included.

About Beall Tool Company

Offers custom wood working tools including buffing systems, wood threaders, dowels, drill bits, lathe tools and accessories, collet chucks, and spindle nose adaptors.

I was privileged to meet Jerry Beall a couple of years ago when attending the Ornamental Turners International Conference in nearby Newark, Ohio. As well as being an excellent host whenever we snook away from the main proceedings to revel in the atmosphere of his fascinating workshop, Jerry demonstrated to us many of the plethora of products and inventions that his agile mind has produced for the woodworking market. 

Whilst all were worthy of considerable attention, I was completely knocked out by Jerry's development of buffing systems for use on timber. Here at last was a quick, simple way of putting that finishing glow onto wood products that really makes them stand out. What I liked most was that this created a bright, light, smooth and incredibly tactile finish but not with the hard glossy, glassy, polished-plastic look with which some workers damn their work, but with a deep gleam that really brought out the beauty in the timber.