5/8 inch Balancing System

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Product description

The Wolverine Precision Balancing System drastically reduces grinder vibration, quickly, simply, and effectively. Once balanced the wheels should remain balanced for life, though they made need a second balancing after the first dressing if the wheels were badly out of true.

The system compensates for:

  • Out of round wheels
  • Wheel density variation
  • Thickness variation of the wheel

The Oneway Precision Balancing System will provide the following benefits:

  • Wheels, bearings, and bearing housings will last longer
  • Your machine will make less noise
  • The finishes on your tools and projects will be improved with less effort

The system is supplied with everything you need to balance TWO (2) grinding wheels with a 1 in.(25.4mm) bore, or a 1.1/4 in. (31.75mm) bore using the spacers supplied.

The package includes:

  • Right Hand Flange (1)
  • Left Hand Flange (1)
  • Balancing Fixture Base (1)
  • Spacer Washers (2)
  • Balancing Nuts, Washers, & Screws
  • Instructions

This version of the system is designed for use with grinders having a shaft diameter of 5/8 in. (15.88mm)

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