3/4in. M42 Roughing Gouge, 10in. Ash handle

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Hamlet Craft Tools
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Product description

Woodturning Tools.

Item Ref.: M42064 (One of the Hamlet StaySharp series)

Tool Type: Spindle Roughing Gouge

Manufacturer: Hamlet Craft Tools, Sheffield, UK.

Blade Material/Heat Treatment: M42 high durability HSS

Nominal Size*: 3/4

Blade diameter*: n/a

Flute Profile: Deep Forged

Grind Style: Square

Overall Tool Length: 6.1/2

Blade Length: 6.1/2

Flute Length: 5.3/4

Handle Length/Material: 10/Ash (identified by red epoxy coated brass ferrule)

*NB: UK and US nomenclature for gouge sizes (particularly milled flute bowl gouges) differ.We quote the nominal gouge size as per the manufacturer's catalogue, based on local sizing traditions. We also state the nominal diameter of the finished product, based on the bar stock diameter - the 'true' size of the gouge blade as you would measure it with a caliper. Please bear in mind that material availability may also affect gouge sizing, though not to a degree that affects performance.

All dimensions, stated in inches, are approximate and subject to change without notice

About Hamlet Craft Tools

Based in Sheffield and still manufacturing tools in the traditional way, Hamlet Craft Tools is a mainstay of the woodturnign and woodcarving world, offering both high quality craftsmanship with good value for money.

Hamlet Craft Tools, based in Sheffield, England have been producing quality tools for a long time but, in the tradition of this famous toolmaking city, had been producing these for others to sell under their own brand names.  The Company are now part of the Henry Taylor group and have brought that tradition of excellence and experience to the range of tools now marketed under the Hamlet brand.

A number of products offered in these pages are available uniquely through The ToolPost inthe UK.  This includes the full range of M42 gouges, covering bowl, spindle and spindle roughing gouge types.