3/4" Dia. Bowl Gouge, Celtic Grind, Blade Only

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Carter & Son Toolworks
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Product description

Woodturning Tools.

Item Ref.: BG34-T

3/4 in. Bowl Gouge from Carter & Son Toolworks in Seattle, USA.

Powerful. Balanced. Sharp. As far as bowl turning goes, it doesn't get much better than this efficient 3/4" bowl gouge.

What makes a 5-star 3/4" bowl gouge you may ask? Here's a view:-


  • Polished flute for efficient chip flow & sharper edge
  • Superior M42 high speed steel ensures less grinding & cleaner cuts at the lathe
  • Sharpened & inspected by hand
  • Completely interchangeable handle system
  • 100% American manufacturing backed by a lifetime guarantee & hassle-free returnsSpecifications:-

    Blade Material/Heat Treatment: M42 HSS

    Nominal Size*: 3/4

    Blade diameter*: 3/4

    Flute Profile: Deep V Flute

    Grind Style: Celtic

    Overall Tool Length: 13

    Blade Length: 13

    Flute Length: 9.1/2

    Handle Length/Material: Blade only (unhandled). Tang diameter. 3/4in.

    *NB: UK and US nomenclature for gouge sizes (particularly milled flute bowl gouges) differ.We quote the nominal gouge size as per the manufacturer's catalogue, based on local sizing traditions. We also state the nominal diameter of the finished product, based on the bar stock diameter - the 'true' size of the gouge blade as you would measure it with a caliper. Please bear in mind that material availability may also affect gouge sizing, though not to a degree that affects performance.

    All dimensions, stated in inches, are approximate and subject to change without notice

    Product Notes:-

    It's no wonder M42 high speed steel is favored across industries. A distinct cobalt additive bumps M42's red hardness off the charts for impressive wear resistance. And M42's unique structure produces a finer, sharper edge.

    For you, M42 means less time grinding and cleaner cuts at the lathe. Carter & Son was founded because we realised many tools (especially

  • About Carter & Son Toolworks

    Tools as beautiful as these shouldn't be allowed out without a chaperone! Given their pedigree, we maybe shouldn't be surprised that they look so great: these are tools that have been created by a skilled engineer and toolmaker who has fallen in love with the craft of woodturning. Wanting the best woodturning tools in the world, he concluded that the only way to get them was to make them himself.

    So he started with the best of materials - M42 High Speed Steel - which is precision machined to create the form of these exceptional tools, then heat treated to 68HRC and ground to a razor-sharp edge. Thanks to the M42's great durability, this is an edge that will last and last and remain sharp throughout. As a fellow turner said to me: "when I first used this tool, it was the sharpest gouge I had ever used: after using it for three days, it is still the sharpest gouge I have ever used" - and he was a highly skilled turner of long experience and demanding standards.

    The handles fitted to these superior and generously long blades are sculpted from solid billets of aircraft grade aluminium to a perfectly balanced hand-fitting form, adorned with a double ring of refined knurling to give a great tactile feel, and fitted with two set screws which enable the blades to be securely locked in place. And these people are so justifiably proud of what they achieve, they sign every one with their company name engraved in beautiful script right down the handle.

    The attention to detail of Carter & Son Toolworks is such that the blades have milled flats to correspond precisely with the lockscrew positions so that there is no chance of raising a burr on the shaft when locking the screws down. A nice touch - after nice touch - after ... ...

    The original Carter handles had a fitted bore to suit the tool in use. Happily they realised that would force buyers into a lot of handle duplication so they now produce all handles with a 3/4 inch bore and a range of handle adapters which are fitted into the bore, as required, to suit particular blade diameters. We still have a few of the fitted bore handles remaining for those who prefer this style.