240 Grit Taper Gouge Stone

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Product description

These top quality Japanese waterstones from Suehiro are made from aluminium oxide.

The 240 grit sharpening stone is 152mm in length and has one side convex and the other concave. This combination this makes them highly suitable for sharpening either incannel or outcannel gouges, as well as a range of carving tools.

About Suehiro Tools

Manufacturers of fine sharpening stones in the Japanese tradition.

The Japanese manufacturer Suehiro, from Niigata Province, makes the water stones sold under the Suehiro and Cerax brands. Cerax is the more popular of the two. Cerax stones are known for not abrading as fast as classic Japanese water stones. Use the 8000 grit stone for obtaining the sharpest blade with a highly mirror-polished finish. Apart from that, we offer the classic Suehiro 6000 grit honing stone and also a 3000 grit stone to bridge the gap between sharpening and honing.

We recommend that Suehiro and Cerax stones are not left to soak too long in water. Five minutes of soaking before use is quite enough. The surface of the stones can erode if they are immersed for too long. Don’t see this as a drawback. It happens because relatively little bonding material is used in producing the stones: less bonding material means faster cutting as dull particles break loose to allow fresh, sharp grit to come into play. Made by baking aluminium oxide with bonding material and filler.

Water stones become concave with use and require periodic flattening. Our flattening stones will do this job. A flat stone is indispensable for effective sharpening, especially of flat chisel and plane blades.