18mm Shirogami Ichigou Japanses Chisel

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Asahi Japanese Chisels
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The NK series Shirogami Ichigou Nomi chisels feature a laminated blade of Hitachi white paper tool steel and high carbon steel, this combination offers the user exceptional edge holding ability at a very attractive price. The handles are from quality Japanese red oak with a rear iron hoop to prevent splitting.

The term 'white paper steel' may be unfamiliar: 'White paper' steel or Shirogami as it is known in Japan is a high quality carbon tool steel that is ideally suited to the production of chisels. Shirogami steel is very durable whilst also able to take and hold the finest of edges for the ultimate cutting tool. It also exhibits superior durability when compared to alloyed 'blue paper' steels.

For soft woods a bevel of 30 degrees will provide a good balance of performance and durability.

For hardwoods a bevel of 35 degrees provides the best edge durability.

Cutting Edge Width: 18mm (3/4 in)

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