150mm Rotastop Extension, MaxiCut, Colt

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Colt Drills and Forstner Bits
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Product description

For drilling deeper holes than possible with a standard Colt RotaStop drill. The extension has a RotaStop socket on one end a RotaStop shank at the other. The extension shaft increases the reach (effective length) of the Colt RotaStop drill by 150mm.

About Colt Drills and Forstner Bits

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Since 1897, Colt has developed, generation after generation, all the dynamics of the growth by continual investment in the industrial tools and the human skills. Constantly listening to their markets and own expectations, NOURRISSON Claude developed ranges of drills and bits widely recognized all over the world. By integrating the german manufacturer HORST MIEBACH GmbH, Colt consolidate their strategy based on the manufacturing of tools for wood and develop know-how.