1.3/4" Bailey Pattern Replacement Toothes Iron

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Kunz Werkzeugfabrik
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This Kunz replacement toothed iron is 1.3/4 inches wide and will fit most No3 Bailey pattern planes plus No113 circular planes.

Toothed plane irons produce tiny slivers rather than one continuous shaving therefore virtually eliminating the risk of tearout, even on gnarly interlocking grain. Sharpening toothed plane blades is a breeze - just dress a single flat bevel and then strop the toothed side on your workshop leather to remove any burr on the back. Ideally they should be used with the mouth of the plane set wide and the cap iron retracted as far back as possible. The ribbed surface left by the toothed blade can be removed with a few passes of a finely set smoothing plane or scraper.

Toothed or 'toothing irons' are also used for preparing the groundwork for veneers when using traditional glues.

All Kunz replacement irons are manufactured in Germany from Chrome-Vanadium steel and hardened to RC61: the result is an economical but high quality replacement iron that offers superior performance to the low quality irons supplied as standard by Stanley, Record and others.

Iron is 2.5mm Thick

About Kunz Werkzeugfabrik

Diversity and continuous development of their product range are their strength.

Since 1992 the family owned Tresselt GmbH has established itself in the research, - and technology region around Ilmenau, Thuringia.

In 1992 it started the production of KUNZ®, a long established brand of unique and distinctive planes. The line was expanded by introducing KUNZ®plus in 2008.

Tresselt GmbH is a mid-sized, family owned company and produces exclusively in Germany. Cutting-edge technology, motivated, highly qualified employees and investment in research and development ensure that  customers receive products of high quality with innovative features.