12 piece TCT router bit set in wooden box, 1/4 inch shank.

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A sturdy set of router cutters on 1/4 inch shafts (for use in standard routers having a 1/4 inch collet). There are 12 tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) cutters in the set which offers shapes and sizes to enable the completion of typical handyman jobs around the home. The bits included in the set are as follows, with the dimensions of the cut indicated:-

20mm long x 6mm dia. straight bit (i.e. the cutting edge is 20mm long and the diameter of the cutter is 6mm)
22mm long x 12mm dia. straight bit
20mm long x 16mm dia. straight bit

12.7mm long x 12.7mm dia. dovetail bit

12.7mm long x 11.5mm dia. 90 degree vee-groove bit

12.7mm dia. core box/cove bit

12.7mm dia. bearing guided flush trim bit

32mm dia., 90 degree included angle (45 deg. chamfer) bearing guided chamfer bit

25.4mm diameter Roman ogee cutter with 4mm radius curves, bearing guided

6.35mm radius corner coving bit, bearing guided

6.35mm radius rounding over/beading bit, bearing guided
9.5mm radius rounding over/beading bit, bearing guided

All dimensions are approximate. Specifications and contents may change without notice.

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