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Unhandled Woodturning Tools
Henry Taylor & Robert Sorby

For many turners, tools without handles represent a very economical way of extending their range of tools.  For the beginner, they can offer a chance to build up a set of useful tools at minimum costs, as well as providing a fulfilling learning project - turning a tool handle.  Any but the most novice turner should be able to turn out a handle and by making their shapes and/or decoration distinctive, the handles can become not only individual "signatures" but serve as quick references to individual tools - a great help when they're buried under piles of shavings on busy days.

The list below shows the range of tools most commonly requested and available from The ToolPost.  For more comprehensive information about particular tools, please refer to the corresponding section of the main tools list. All of the tools manufactured by Henry Taylor and by Sorby can be obtained unhandled but we stock very few of them.

Please note that most of these tools are not normal stock items and you should expect a despatch delay of around thirty days for some tools at certain times in the manufacturing cycle.  We will advise you of any delays when your order is received.


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