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See below for details of the Hamlet Hollowing Gate

Turners who spend a lot of time working on larger projects often find that their growing collection of large tools becomes unmanageable.  At the same time, large work often underlines the fact that wooden handles, even of the highest quality, lack the "heft" which gives them the stability required to stop large and rough workpieces knocking the tool out of the intended alignment on the work.

Hamlet Craft Tools make the handles developed for their excellent 'Brother' series hollowing tools available as separate items so that they can be used to hold interchangeable tool blades. (Maybe it should be called the multi-blade system?).  The handles are based on a steel tube ,giving the tool the essential rigidity and weight, covered with a compliant rubber sheath creating a comfortable grip but with a secure feel, sometimes lacking with the more sponge-like coverings used by other manufacturers. Handles are available with bore diameters of 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8", the larger bore versions being longer, to better suit use with larger diameter tools.

Unhandled bowl gouges including: HCT067-MH, HCT068-MH, HCT069-MH, HCT082-MH, HCT083-MH, HCT084-MH, HCT085-MH, HCT086-MH, HCT087-MH, HCTDE14, HCTDE38, HCTDE12The range of blades for these tools, of which examples are shown, is increasing as more manufacturers see the benefit of interchangeable blades.  Most Hamlet tools are available in a form to suit the MH system, upon request. (Please note: this is not the same as an unhandled tool: multi-handle blades are ground to size to match the handle bore. The tangs of unhandled tools have the native bar stock diameter and are not ground to size.)


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Big Brother, Little Brother &
Little Sister Hollowing Systems

There are three tools in the Hamlet hollowing system line-up ranging from the slim and agile 'Little Sister' thorough the handy 'Little Brother' to the heft of the 'Big Brother' on its sturdy 5/8 inch shaft.

The principle of the 'Brother' range hollowing tools is a loop, or ring, cutter which is covered by a highly polished edge protector which acts as the "bevel" when hollowing, preventing the tool from digging in or grabbing.  The result is a tool which gives an incredibly smooth cut surface to the hollowed object, of a standard that many turners would be pleased to be able to achieve on the outside of their work!  The depth of cut is easily adjusted by slackening a single Allen screw, which also allows the head to be swivelled to allow easy access under the shoulders of vessels: the total range of movement is around 300 degrees!  Swan-neck stems are also available so that deep undercutting behind deep shoulders in vessels presents no problems.

The ability to slide the shank of the tool into the handle, leaving only the minimum necessary to complete the cut protruding, reduces the torque on the handle very considerably.  The "Big Brother" version of the tool was very favourably reviewed by master turner John Hunnex in Issue No 92 of "Woodturning" magazine, October 2000.

Finally the Siragas influence is completed by the availability of a set of six scraper tips which can be mounted in place of the hollowing cutter.  For those who may wish to acquire and use these without the full Big Brother system, Hamlet have introduced a short handle upon which the scraper tips can be mounted.

Further advice on the sharpening, adjustment and general maintenance of this tool may be found elsewhere on this site by following this link.

The Siragas Big Brother in close-up.  Above, left: the tool in elevation showing the sturdy cutter and the close fit of the edge protector. Second left: the tool opened for inspection showing the cutting loop and the edge protector.  Lower left: the tool in working mode with the head cranked to the left, as may be used for working under undercuts (full movement is 300 degrees of articulation - see photo far right).
A deceptively simple but incredibly effective piece of tool design from Hamlet.


Spare Cutters, Covers, Stems and Side Handle
Note: Whilst it is acceptable to mount a smaller cutter onto a larger stem in these hollowing systems, it is NOT permissible to mount a larger cutter on a smaller stem.
Cutters and Edge Protectors (chip limiters) must match in size.

The 5/8" cutter and cover, as supplied with the original Big Brother is no longer available.  Users are recommended to install one of the current 1/2" cutters, with matching cover (as now supplied with both Big brother and Little Brother), instead.
This is the configuration recommended and preferred by experienced and expert users such as Jimmy Clewes, Nick Agar, and others.


Hamlet Hollowing Gate

A perfect partner for the Big/Little Brother hollowing tools, the Hamlet hollowing gate provides rigid support and tool guidance as well as acting as a fulcrum for controlled hollowing tool movements.  The system comprises a sturdy toolpost, which you select to suit the toolpost size of your lathe, upon which a rigid 6 inch (150 mm) cross bar is mounted, symettrically.  At each end of the cross bar, a nylon guide is mounted; one of these is sized to suit 1/2 in. (13 mm) diameter shaft tools and the other to suit 5/8 in. (16 mm) diameter shaft tools.  The guides can be pivotted about their centres and provide a low-friction  interface with the tool shaft for easy tool movement.

Please note that the 19 mm tool post variant is for use in 3/4 in. toolpost sockets as well as 19 mm: the 25 mm is used in both 1 inch and 25 mm toolpost sockets and the 30 mm suits both 1.1/4 in. and 30 mm sockets.


**NB: Prices quoted in pounds sterling. 
Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid EU VAT Registration Number is provided.

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Hamlet Hollowing gate; part refs: HCT620-19, HCT620-25, HCT620-30

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