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Special tools for Hollowing, Beading, Ring Forming, Thread Chasing etc.

Revolution Hollowing, Spiraling & Texturing Tools

Crown Revolution Deep Hollowing system with 1/2
Crown Revoltions REV08 hollwing blade and cutters
Crown miniature spiralling system ST1W
Crown Revolution Deep Hollowing system with 5/8

The Crown Revolutionary Army!
Above are shown the Standard Revolution with the 1/2" shaft (left) and the Heavy duty, 5/8" shaft, versions (right).
Left is shown the unhandled REV08 hollowing blade with 2 cutters.
Below are shown (left) the ST2W Miniature Spiralling System with its bigger brother, the ST1W Spiralling & Texturing System on the right.

Crown ST2w Spiralling and Texturing system

The Crown "Revolution" series comprises both Hollowing tools and Texturing tools.  The smart Hollowing system, with its soft cushioned handle (also available separately) is available with either a 1/2" shaft or a 5/8" shaft to suit the work in hand.  The handle may be used with either stem size.

The system is delivered complete with a substantial array of alternative cutter styles - a total of five tips in all - as well as a substantial screw-in side handle!  Having many components turned from brass, this tool has a very substantial feel and may be the closest any woodturning tool ever came to being classifiable as "bling".  However, the important fact is that it works - and works well.

Also listed in this section are the standard and miniature texturing and spiraling tools which feature wooden handles in the best Crown tradition.  The larger tool is supplied with two spiraling and one texturing cutters and has a graduated toolrest support permitting easy repeating of a pattern and free movement of the tool on the toolrest.  The smaller system comes with two cutters and a similar toolrest support.


Bead and Ring Forming Tools


Hollowing Tools & Ring Tools

Click for larger image of the special tools, including the Beaver hollowing tools and 275, 276, 277, 278, 271GW, 271GWS, 271GWSN, 275A, 276A, 278A, 279S, BJAW, DS, GRCT, MPP-A1, REV01U, REV01U58, REV02, REV03, ST1W, ST2W, TC12, TC18, TC20, TCRTN

The Beaver hollowing tool has been in use for several years now.  It is based on the hook, or ring, tool principle, features a polished HSS top cover (which acts as a bevel) and an adjustable cutting gap.  Ring tools are also included here.


Guy Ravine Chattertool

Chatterwork is a relatively simple and quick way of enhancing smaller turned work and is especially effective on end grain of hardwoods: it can also be combined to good effect with colouring.  This handy chattertool, designed by pro turner Guy Ravine is supplied with two blades, one round-tipped, the other square-tipped, allowing  a variety of patterns to be created.  Accompanying notes by the designer give hints on both use and sharpening


David Springett Chinese Ball Form Tools

Click for larger image of the David Springett chinese ball tools and others including 275, 276, 277, 278, 271GW, 271GWS, 271GWSN, 275A, 276A, 278A, 279S, BJAW, DS, GRCT, MPP-A1, REV01U, REV01U58, REV02, REV03, ST1W, ST2W, TC12, TC18, TC20, TCRTN

If you don't know what these are, then you need to buy the book or video 'Woodturning Wizardry' by David Springett.  Making a set of these balls within balls will amaze and delight your friends and family - and make you very proud!  If you don't have the book or video, don't be concerned - comprehensive instructions are provided with the tools.


Shell Auger

A traditional 5/16" shell auger for long hole boring on the lathe


Thread Chasing Tools

Click for larger image

Bill Jones made the skill of hand thread chasing better known through his articles in "Woodturning" magazine.  These tools make it possible for every turner to 'have a go' at producing items with screwed lids and fixings, produced with nothing more than these tools, a standard woodturning lathe - and your skill.

Top left: Thread chaser pair - internal and external.
Bottom left: "Bill Jones" armrest.
Bottom right: Thread recess undercutting tool.

Click for larger image

These tools will be found listed on the Threading Cutting Tools page of this site.

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