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Condiment Mills

Project Parts

Whether it be peppermills, pen mechanisms, pot-pourri lids or whatev er else, we woodturners find it very convenient to be able to complete our work by the addition of items made in other materials.  Whilst it is impossible to meet the ambitions of all in this regard, this section is designed to provide those items that you may find helpful in creating useful and attractive household and giftware.

In this section, which is a growing area of our site, you will find:-

  • Condiment Mills suitable for use with salt, pepper and a host of other granular spices.
  • Clock and watch inserts in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. (Temporarily unavailable)
  • Giftware items, viz:- Pot-pourri lids in ceramic and moulded resin, perfume applicators, bottle stoppers, candle sconces etc.  (To Follow)
  • Pen, pencil and ballpoint kits. (To Follow)

The items marked (To Follow) are already in stock for personal callers at our shop, and we will be uploading their details to the site as soon as resources permit.  Apologies for the delay!

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