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Protective Clothing and Equipment

Whilst woodworking is a totally absorbing and creative pastime or profession, it has inherent risks and even dangers.  Proper training and careful use can reduce the risk of accident from power tools: good practice demonstrates that sharp tools are less dangerous than the same tools in poorer condition.  Yet even taking care of these obvious aspects of workshop safety, there are still dangers lurking in the air we breathe, the noises we endure and the materials which we handle and apparently innocuous acts can bring us within seconds of permanent damage to precious faculties such as our eyesight.  This section is dedicated to making your life in the workshop safer, prolonging your active life as a woodworker.  The major aspects considered are:

Respiratory Protection: we supply active powered respirators from both JSP (PowerCapIP) and Trend (Airshield) as well as passive respiratory protection facemasks.  Click here for respirators, facemasks, spare parts and accessories.

Eye & Ear Protection:  eyesight, arguably our most precious faculty, can be destroyed in seconds yet low-cost effective protection is readily available here at The ToolPost. At the same time, we are becoming increasingly aware of the evil of hearing damage.  A range of solutions for eye and ear protection are available for your consideration.

Protective Clothing:  whilst unlikely to cause serious health injury - apart from irate attacks from those who have to launder our dirty working clothes - soiled workclothes are not pleasant to wear and do not present a very professional appearance to would-be clients.  Smarten up your image and give your clothes a chance by looking at these specially-produced woodworker's smocks and aprons.  On the same page you will also find protective workgloves in a choice of styles to keep your hands free of cuts and consequent infections.

Dust Extraction:  Undoubtedly the most important element in the woodworkers armoury against respiratory problems or the ingestion of carcinogens, the dust extractor has come a long way since the recent past when dust re-circulation seemed to be the norm.  With these excellent extraction units and system components from CamVac, you can now enjoy first rate dust extraction, fine air filtration and a clean and healthy workplace, without breaking the bank.

Short of enclosing the lathe in an airtight enclosure, it will not be possible to entrap all of the dust created by using a conventional dust extractor. It is to address the problem of the 'escaped' dust that ambient air filters were developed and these units greatly reduce the dust remaining in the air in the workshop. The effectiveness of this further precaution against dust inhalation is demonstrated if you do a 'before and after' check on the residual dust which collects on work surfaces and tools overnight. By running the ambient air filter for a couple of hours (or more) after you have vacated your workshop, its effectiveness will be greatly enhanced. Beware that dust build-up in the workplace is easily displaced as you work, causing it to be recirculated to become part of the problem again: regularly vacuuming the dust from these collection points will do much to improve your working environment.

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Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost are trading styles of Peter Hemsley.  Whilst reasonable efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information presented, no liability can be accepted for errors in this information nor for contingencies arising therefrom.  If you are inexperienced in any aspect of woodworking, we would strongly counsel that you take a course of formal instruction before commencing to practice