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ToolPost "Busy Bodger" Tee-Shirts

Our staff cannot help but smirk at their luck as they get to choose non-standard colours for their shirts!Click for a larger image showing our Navy T-shirt with Busy Bodger logoBoth clients and casual visitors to our website often make complimentary comments regarding our motif character now known as the Busy Bodger.  Having laboured so long and hard on our home page and elsewhere, we thought it only fitting that he should be given an opportunity to broaden his horizons somewhat.  Believing that he deserved a wider audience  we have created a range of Busy Bodger T-shirts which feature our little man in all his glory, spinning out shavings that might even spell out another well-known name - if you look carefully!

The shirts are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit folk from kids and smaller ladies to the big guys with seriously over-developed "turning muscles".  All of the shirts are 100% cotton but the smaller sizes are made in a softer weave and feature a set-in rib knit collar.  The larger sizes utilise a tighter weave fabric as befits the tough-guy/gal image of those to whom we believe they will appeal.  The garments have taped neck and shoulders with tubular knit twin needle sleeves and hem - which means they are good and strong and will continue to look that way wash after wash after wash.  In all cases the print is white and the application is carried out by a very reputable specialist company with whom I have worked for many years, with a very high degree of satisfaction.  Heck, I even wear one of these myself and I am not a T-shirt sort of person!

For the history buffs, the origins of our little hero are passably exotic.  He started life twenty years ago, springing fully formed from the pen of one Monsieur Hausmann, an artist friend of brilliantly creative Belgian woodturner Paul Peeters.  I got to know Paul when I lived in Belgium and I spotted the image on one of his visiting cards.  Very kindly, Paul gave his permission for us to use the cartoon image, which we have done so almost continually since then.  Thanks again, Paul.  If you are a woodturner, I'd recommend that you visit Paul's website and admire some of his uniquely beautiful creations, which he sells around the craft markets of central Europe.

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ToolPost ProDesign Woodturners' Smocks

Woodturner's smock in natural cottonAs practising woodturners we have been wearing - and whittling about - woodturner's smocks almost since they were first introduced, way back in the mists of time. We have also been aware - sometimes, painfully aware - of the shortcomings of the designs available on the market. Being inclined to act rather than whinge endlessly, we decided to try to improve the lot of smock-wearers and ended up by designing our own ProDesign smock - designed for and by woodturners.

We've packed into this garment all of our experience and we believe that we've pretty much produced the ultimate smock design. We've also had them made in sizes all the way from 32 inch chest - suitable for smaller ladies, and children, right through to 58 inch for the 'dominant character'. Because we know that you'll probably want to wear a sweater or fleece under a smock and you don't want a slick fit like a suit, all sizes embody around 6 inch extra girth (i.e. they actually measure around 6 inches more than the nominal chest size).

Made from heavyweight, natural, unbleached, close-weave, pre-shrunk cotton drill which will wear and wash, wear and wash, year in, year out.  Keeps out the dust, yet lets moisture evaporate for natural comfort.  Eliminates the sweaty, clingy, clammy feel of nylon or other artificial fibres!

A full length double-ended, moulded zip from hem to neck making for easy putting on and taking off.  Unlike a metal zip, our reliable plastic zip will not scratch your precious workpieces if you hug them to your chest as you polish and finish them (or if you just happen to fall in love with them). The full length double-ended zip design also means no more struggling with pulling overalls over your head and provides a way of relieving any tension in the nether regions when nature or duty calls!  NB: It seems that in some countries, zips are gender-specific.  Not in Europe!  All our zips have the tag on the left "rack".

Velcro closures and elastication on the cuffs to allow them to be cinched closed to keep shavings out, or released for ventilation and freedom of movement. At the same time, the elastication means that the sleeves will not pull when the arms are out at full stretch to make that awkward cut. We also cut our sleeves a couple of inches longer than 'the norm' to ensure comfort, knowing that the comfortable elasticated cuff will keep any excess fabric well out of harm's way. Forget irritating knitted cuffs, picking up chips and shavings!

Two large patch pockets on the rear mean you can keep all your dusters and polishing cloths to hand, yet be free of the tyranny of pockets full of shavings.  No chance to get these pockets caught up in machinery, knobs, levers etc. either.  Safety is the workshop watchword. You'll also never lose your pen/pencil again (?) with the double pencil pocket conveniently provided on the left upper sleeve.

We have also revised the collar arrangement so that it is more comfortable whilst still doing its duty to keep shavings out of the neck. The ProDesign smock has a collar featuring graduated height from rear to front , allowing the front section to lay more flat against the chest rather than garrotting the wearer, whilst still providing full draught protection around the rear of the neck. The collar is secured closed with adjustable Velcro and a Velcro patch is provided to hold the collar in the open position, when required. Because we know that stand-up collars can be 'wearing' when worn for a long period, the ProDesign collar is lined with a smooth fabric which is soft against the skin and the collar is padded for comfort.

We're interest in the detail too so we've equipped the smock with real leather elbow patches - that are also washable along with the garment.  We've even included a stout hanging loop - not inside the collar where it can irritate the neck, but on the outside rear so that when the smock is hanging on the peg, it can be wrapped closed to keep all of the airborne 'ambient' dust out of it. That's attention to detail.

Although the fabric is pre-shrunk, we would recommend a cool wash cycle as this is real cotton and may well shrink further if washed at a high temperature.

Since these products bear our own name (on a neat embroidered leather patch at the rear of the collar) we have spent a lot of time and taken the views of many, many woodturners before settling on a design. We believe that it is the best we can conceive today, at an affordable price, but don't be surprised if we manage to refine it further in the future. We'll be working hard to ensure that this remains, as we believe that it is today, the best woodturning smock on the market.

The illustration, below, highlights some of these unique features:

Great value too at only 30.00* each

(*VAT at current rate will be added to the final invoice for EU retail customers only.)

Join the smart set and follow these four simple steps to place your order now

1) Select chest size (We suggest that you order the size of suit jacket you would normally buy, for a snug fit. Allow extra if you wear a sweater in the workshop)

OPTION:  As a special service through The ToolPost, you can have your initials or your company name - whatever words you fancy, in fact - embroidered* on the left breast in either a block style or elegant script for only 8.00* extra. 
(*plus VAT, for customers in the EU only)
NB: This service extends delivery by approximately two weeks.

2) OPTION: Select embroidery style

3) OPTION: Enter embroidery needs here

4) Click to place your order

Embroidered text in script style.

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* Our standard embroidery colour is blue, matching the embroidery on the garment logo.  If you have special needs, please make a note in the 'Additional Information' section of the 'Customer Details' page and we will do our best to comply.  Non-standard colours may incur an additional charge - we will advise.

ProDesign Joiner's Aprons

Apron - made to fit man-size men!!Constructed from the same heavy-duty, close-weave, natural-coloured cotton drill as the smocks, above, these aprons are classics of the genre.  As with the smocks, we have striven to eliminate the problems that we have found in wearing similar aprons in the past.

These aprons are made in sizes Small, Medium and Large though, being aprons, they may better be described as Short, Medium and Tall, with reference to the wearer's stature. All are designed to reach generously below the knee to give optimum protection to the wearer. We have also re-sculpted the cut of the bib section of our aprons so that they offer greater wrap-around to fully cover the chest area, as well as being slightly more full in the 'skirt'. these innovations ensure that our aprons deliver what all aprons promise - protection.

One feature of ordinary apron design that has long concerned me, especially now that almost every woodworker gets involved with 'powered' woodworking at some stage, is the apron ties. Unlike our nimble-fingered female friends, most men are pretty hopeless at tying a taut bow behind themselves, which is why most aprons have long ties to make them easy to tie at the front. But that exposes the loose tape ends to the risk of entanglement in moving machinery and other objects and the possibility of injury to the wearer. To eliminate that risk the ProDesign aprons incorporate a unique fastening system that uses a simple click belt-style fastener to effect closure on a stout polyester webbing waist belt. No loose ends are involved since the belt is captive in the closure and generous waistband lengths ensure a wide fitting adjustability.

Having taken that step, we decided to incorporate the same principle in the neck loop so that there is ample length adjustability so that the drop of the apron can be adjusted to suit wearers of different body proportions. Because there is another clip fastener incorporated in the loop, there's no need to struggle to poke one's head through the neck loop (won't the hair stylists love us!) - or even to take your hat off when putting on your ProDesign apron. Easy and effective - and original. We've tried cook's aprons with adjustable neck loops previously and, quite frankly, found them very poor at holding the setting and uncomfortable to wear. Not so with the ProDesign: easy adjustability, a broad, strong, strap that won't collapse and roll into a cord and simple fitting. Design - by Pros.

The front features a large pocket in the traditional style, firmly attached at the centre point to prevent snagging on equipment, benches etc.  The pocket is deep enough to easily take an apron plane, a folding rule - and both your fists balled up! The pocket corners are generously rounded to eliminate places for things to hide in too. But don't put your pencil and pen in that big pocket. Instead you can keep them safely to hand but out of harm's way in the double-ended horizontal pencil pocket incorporated in the bib of the apron. With the sharp ends of these potentially deadly weapons pointing horizontally there's little or no chance that you'll stab yourself in the neck with them - yet they are always at hand when needed.

The final touch, because we're proud of what we've designed, there a neat embroidered logo on a soft leather patch on the bottom of the skirt to remind you who cares for you sufficiently to originate the ProDesign apron: The ToolPost.


*NB: Prices quoted in pounds sterling. 
Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless
a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering.

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Hand Safety

Leather glovesHands are of great importance to us as woodworkers and as such should be well looked after. Whether the work is cutting down the tree from which to get the wood, or carrying the wood to the car, gloves are always a must. As a natural material, wood presents hazards with its sharp edges and splinters which can be the source of cuts, grazes and infections - including hepatitis, which is frequently spread through hand injuries. Put on a pair of gloves and the problem is reduced. We supply two types of work gloves suitable for different applications. Those shown here on the left, are soMaterial handling gloves - and great in the gardenft, pliable, thin but extremely hard-wearing goatskin leather, comfortable to wear and afford a responsive grip.  Those shown pictured to the right are rough, tough material handling gloves. These gloves are made of a tougher leather and as such are very hard wearing indeed.  They are resistant to sharp splinters and feature a rubberised cuff with vein protection patch.  Unlike many such gloves offered for sale, these are genuinely 'man-size' and whilst not haute couture are comfortable to wear.  At this price you can afford to treat them as disposable!  They're great in the garden too!

The ultimate protection against cutting hazards is provided by cut-resistant gloves.  (That is not to say that they are un-cuttable or un-puncturable, please note!).  We have found the Silverline cut resistant gloves to be effective and economical.  These are latex-coated  cut resistant gloves, using Kevlar as the key protection material, which afford an excellent grip thanks to the rubberised coating.  The gloves are knitted too, so afford adequate ventilation in warmer seasons and are flexible, so do not inhibit hand movement or impair manual dexterity.See images, below, for examples of use of these gloves.

Click for larger photo of woodcarving glovesClick for larger image of whittling using the cut-resistant gloves.

*NB: Prices quoted in pounds sterling. 
Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless
a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering.

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