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Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Grinding Wheels for H S Grinders

Although we in the woodworking "industry" have done much to improve the performance of our sharpening systems over the years, especially in regard to the grinding wheels which we use (remember when folk tried to sharpen HSS on grey wheels!!), there has been little in the way of change in the fundamentals of the abrasive grinding materials we use.  A recent introduction into the market by Diamet & The ToolPost changes that, calling upon expertise which has been in the domain of engineering manufacturing but which remained unattainably pricey for non-industrial use until now.  That development is the use of CBN grinding wheels.

CBN grinding wheel for sharpening of woodturning toolsWhat is CBN?  The acronym "CBN" (a trade mark of General Electric Corp.) stands for Cubic Boron Nitride: a ceramic grain almost equalling diamond in hardness but which can be used for sharpening High Speed Steel (the material of which most turning tools are now made).  The suitability of CBN for grinding HSS is important because, despite attempts to use it, diamond is not a suitable abrasive grain to use when grinding tools on a high speed dry wheel as it affects the steel at relatively low temperatures - well within the range of temperature achieved when grinding, even briefly.

These outstanding wheels, which have an almost indefinite life if treated with respect, are used in place of a normal granular wheel on a 6" or 8" high speed grinder.  Thanks to the nature of the bonding between the CBN grains and the supporting steel hub, the wheels can be used dry, without coolant.  Very little pressure need be applied to sharpen the tool, the weight of the tool alone being enough in many case. Unlike normal grinding wheels, there are virtually no sparks produced and the wheel and the tool remain very much cooler than is the case with conventional wheels, making it almost impossible to burn or blue the tools unless the user is very heavy handed or careless.

Wheels are available to suit both standard, narrow wheel, grinders and those with the extended width wheels.

We now have these wheels manufactured to our own specification in two different styles. The original style we term 'Rim and Face Coat' wheels in which, in addition to the edge of the wheel, a distance of approximately 15 mm of one side face is also coated with CBN grains (see illustration) - excepting on the coarse grit wheels which have no side coating.

 Our new alternative style, termed 'Rim Coat' (denoted by a suffix 'R' in the part reference) have the grain on the rim - the outer periphery - of the wheel only, since it is normally only this section of the wheel which is exposed when the wheel is correctly mounted on an appropriately guarded high speed grinder. By making this simple design modification we have been able to substantially reduce the price of these exceptional wheels, bringing them within the reach of most discerning woodworkers. Note that ALL of our 'coarse' grit wheels are of this style.

The wheels are supplied with a 32 mm (1.1/4") bore and can be bushed to suit most popular shaft sizes using standard grinding wheel bushes though we strongly recommend the use of the precision aluminium bushes and flanges listed below for an accurate installation. Click for advice on bush size selection. Compared to the "normal" plastic bushes these solid turned bushes offer far superior wheel alignment and support and fit very closely within the wheel bore, permitting no radial movement.  The bushes incorporate a substantial flange, giving good support to the wheel as well as serving to ensure that the wheel is mounted square to the grinder spindle.  These aluminium bushes should be considered as essential where heavier wheels, such as the CBN wheels, are in use.

The wheels are offered in a choice of grit grades and guidance for selection follows. Note that the grain sizes of diamond, CBN and other similar abrasives are not measured in the same way as standard oxide grits. We have therefore tried to give an indication of the ground surface as well as stating the true grain size:-

  • Extra-Fine, B46 grain: The smoothest grind available, finer even than a whetstone so suitable for finish grinding of bench tools. Leaves a ground surface similar to that obtained if grinding with a 360 grit conventional abrasive.
  • Standard: The General Purpose grit for most sharpening, eg. of turning tools. B91 grain size. Leaves a ground surface similar to that obtained if grinding with a 180 grit conventional abrasive. (By any other standards this would be considered a fine wheel!)
  • Coarse: B181 grain. Use only for re-shaping tools. Fast material removal. Coarsest finish - though still finer than many standard grinding wheels will produce! Leaves a ground surface similar to that obtained if grinding with a 100 grit conventional abrasive.


Due to current supply volatility, we strongly recommend that you call or email us before placing your CBN Wheel order.
This will allow us to advise of any availability issues which might affect your wheel selection

6 in (150mm) Diameter CBN Grinding Wheels, Rim Coat Only


6 in (150mm) Diameter CBN Grinding Wheels, Rim & Face Coated


8 in (200mm) Diameter CBN Grinding Wheels, Rim Coat Only


8 in (200mm) Diameter CBN Grinding Wheels, Rim & Face Coat


Aluminium Precision Mounting Bushes for CBN Grinding Wheels


O'Donnell 'Ruby' Grinding Wheels for High Speed Grinders

For the ultimate edge, why not re-equip your grinder with the ultimate grinding wheel.  Most turners today realise that sharpening their High Speed Steel (HSS - as sold on this site) tools Pictureon a traditional grey grinding wheel is asking for trouble with shortened tool life and an overheated cutting edge.  The newer 'breed' of Aluminium Oxide wheels, often known as 'white wheels' for obvious reasons, have been the favoured solution to this problem for some years now.  These wheels give improved results with HSS tools because their grit is sharper than that of the older-style grey wheels.

A further step forward was taken when sharpening guru and innovative turner Mick O'Donnell came up with the ultimate fast, cool-cutting 'Ruby' grinding wheels.  These wheels are sharper than either grey, white, or even pink aluminium oxide wheels and keep their shape better than any of these, including white wheels.  (But see the notes on our blue ceramic wheels, below)

Sharper grains mean faster cutting - faster cutting means less heat build-up, reducing the risk of drawing the temper of the steel and giving a really fine edge to all of your tools.

Don't you and your tools deserve the best?

These wheels are selectively available in 6" and 8" diameters, 3/4", 1" , 40mm (1.1/2"), and 32mm (1.1/4")  widths and in a choice of grits as shown in the table, below.  For initial heavy tool shaping, a coarser, 46-grit, wheel is recommended, whilst for routine sharpening and maintenance of a fine edge, an 80-grit version is available.  Perhaps you should show how 'sharp' you really are when presented with an opportunity like this - why not fit one of each 46-grit and 80-grit, if you have a double-ended grinder - and enjoy the best of both worlds.  Note the availability of 40 mm wheels to replace the white wheels used on some Creusen, and similar, grinders: we supply these in the 80 grit ruby version only as this gives a similar edge characteristic to the 100 grit white AlOx wheel fitted as original equipment by Creusen.  In all other respects the ruby wheel will be found to be superior to the white wheel. We also supply the special, depressed centre wheels which allow you to upgrade a 3/4" grinder to 1" wheels.

Get Sharp, Get on the Edge, Get 'Ruby' Wheels!!




6" (150mm) x 3/4" (19mm)

46 and 80 grit


6" (150mm) x 1" (25mm)

46 and 80 grit


6" (150mm) x 1" (25mm) with recessed centres to fit in place of 3/4" wheels  (Check clearance available: If ordering these wheels to fit in place of 3/4" wheels it is essential to ensure the guards of your grinder have 1/8" (3.5mm) clearance each side of the wheel.)

46 and 80 grit


6" (150mm) x 40 mm (1.1/2 inch)

80 grit only


8" (203 mm) x 1" (25mm)

46 and 80 grit


8" (203 mm) x 1.1/4" (32 mm) to fit Axminster AW8SRG2 and AT8SRG2 slow speed and AW8G2 and AT8G2 heavy duty - and similar - grinders with 31.75 mm diameter mounting hubs incorporated in the shaft.

46 and 80 grit


8" (203 mm) x 1.1/2" (40mm) Recessed one side only to suit many 8 inch grinders (such as the Record BG8) with a fitting width at the hub of 1".

80 grit only


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Select required wheel diameter, grit and shaft bush to suit the shaft size of your grinder from the drop-down boxes, then click 'ORDER'
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IMPORTANT NOTE on the selection of wheel bush sizes
Simply follow steps 1 to 3 below to select your Ruby wheel.

1) Select Diameter, Width  and Grit combination

2) Select Shaft Bush Diameter


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Select 'None' if your grinder does not require bushings - or if you have suitable bushes from your previous wheel.)

Blue Ceramic Grinding Wheels for High Speed Grinders

If you thought that the only blue ceramic was Delft ware, then you are about to be proved wrong.  Just when we thought that Ruby wheels had resolved all of the problems we would ever face with regard to sharpening, the guru of sharpening, Mick O'Donnell, has come up with another giant leap forward - the ceramic grinding wheel, which is differentiated by its pale blue colour.

What is different about this wheel - colour apart?  Firstly, it cuts even faster than the Ruby wheels and yet produces less heat thanks to its grit bonding characteristics.  My personal view is that this grit cuts significantly faster than a Ruby wheel: it is a real metal-eater and is perhaps not to be recommended to beginners or the heavy-handed.  However, if you are a competent turner or maybe into producing your own radical grinds and reshaping tools, then one of these wheels could well be a great addition to your workshop.

Because of the somewhat specialised nature of these wheels, they are only produced in a limited range of sizes.  The centre bushing can be provided to suit your grinder spindle, as for the Ruby wheels.

So, if you need the very best performance from your grinder, and if you have the experience to handle it - or are prepared to work with due care, then this could be the wheel for you. 


Select Shaft Diameter


Blue Ceramic grinding wheel,
3/4" (20mm) wide * 6" (150mm) diameter * 100 grit


Blue Ceramic grinding wheel,
1" (25mm) wide * 8" (200mm) diameter * 80 grit


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