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Whether you are seeking finishing products for completing your masterpiece of woodturning, woodcarving or cabinet-making, for repairing, renovating or maintaining your home and its furnishings or for aiding your other woodworking activities, we believe that you will find a suitable product in these pages.

When you have created your masterpiece of turning, carving or cabinetry, you will be justifiably proud: of its design, of its construction, of the choice of timber and of the workmanship.  But what is it that will first attract the eye of the beholder? 

Simple answer:  the finish.

We have gathered together a collection of what we believe are the best finishing products in the world for your delectation and delight - and to help you delight those who admire your work  From the humble sanding sealer to the latest in high-tech finishing systems, they are all worthy of your consideration.  We can even sort out the corrosion in your workshop.

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General Finishes - The USA's finest full line of finishing products Chestnut Products - fine woodfinishing products U'Beaut - creatots of the Shellawax Finishing Products from Australia
Beall Wood Buff Systems - the quick and easy route to a beautiful finish on all woodwork.
Gorilla Glue - sticks almost anything to anything
Superglue from Procure as well as acclerator and debonder
Liberon - Imagination to reality
Bison for PVA Wood Glue and Epoxy Resin adhesive
Shield Technology - Protecting your investment in hand and machine tools.

Corrosion protection products

Brass, Copper & Aluminium Real Metal Filler Powders from The ToolPost

Finishing Products By Chestnut Products

Firstly we have Chestnut Products, a small company specialising solely in the production of first-class finishing materials and run by a guy who really cares about what will be good for your projects.  I first discovered this company when I was looking for a sanding sealer that would give the quality of finish I was seeking with a speedy drying time.  Not a lot to ask you would think, but I had tried various brands and found none to my satisfaction until I found Chestnut Products' version.  I tried it on a recommendation from a pro. turner and was immediately hooked.  I soon discovered that their other products are equally good and decided to bring them to the wider market they assuredly deserve.

Specialist Woodturning Finishes from Germany

Whilst we consider ourselves lucky to have excellent manufacturers of woodturning finishes in the UK, we also try to hold a watching brief over a wider market and bring to our clients attention products of interest that we stumble across from time to time. Such is the case with two German companies with whom we work.

Steinert is a long-established woodturning business in the Erzgebirge region of Germany which developed into a wide-ranging woodturner's supply company. With their background, they certainly know about turning and are now the manufacturers of the VB36 Master Bowlturner lathe. Amid their smaller treasures we discovered an excellent Finishing Oil which we love using and a special oil designed for use on outdoor carvings.

Also based in Germany is Drechseln und Mehr who have produced a range of unusual finishing products including a polymer pen finish, carnauba wax as a paste wax, a hardener for punky timber and a natural finishing oil.

U'Beaut Shellawax Finishes

Based in Australia, U'Beaut have created a range of superb finishing products that offer a step change improvement over the finish to be expected from more traditional "friction polishes".  These products include the Shellawax friction polishes, in versions to suit both spindle and faceplate work, and the EEE Ultrashine abrasive cream which creates a perfect surface upon which to apply these wondrous final finishes.  In addition U'Beaut offer water-based, highly concentrated dyes giving vibrant colours, stick wax and traditional wax polish.  Well worth a look.

Beall Wood Buffing Products

Wood buffing has been used by pipemakers to polish their briars for years but has not, until recent years, been widely utilized by other wood workers. We first became intrigued by the process when we met Jerry Beall and later saw the impressive results it produced in our own workshop.  It didn't take much thought for us to decide to offer the Beall Wood Buff through our website. Wood buffing wheels are similar to the metal buffing versions, but softer and looser, to conform to the contours of the work without blurring the detail. Since the buffing process adds nothing to the surface of the wood except a thin coat of carnauba wax - a non-toxic edible substance - wood buffing is a particularly good alternative for toys or pieces which are intended to contain food.

A novel idea? - Yes, but a brilliant one.  Try it - you'll be amazed.

Finishing Products By Liberon

The well-known company, Liberon Waxes, is another specialist in the production of finishes with a range that encompasses not only wood finishing but restoration work, gilding, floor finishing, stonework and metal finishing.  We have chosen to stock those products of most immediate interest to woodworkers and homebuilders, including the innovative range of  waxes, the traditional formula finishing waxes, oils, touch-up and repair products, carnauba wax, stains and a number of accessory items.

Browse through both of these pages of finishes and select those products which most suit your particular style and needs.  Both ranges are in here on the basis of personal experience and recommendation but please let us know if there are other products you would like to see added to this range or if you seek specific products from Liberon or Chestnut Products which are not shown.

General Finishes - one of America's favourites

Fascinating though it is to read US magazines and to learn of their finishing techniques, it seems so often that the products described are simply not available "over here".  An example of this is Milk Paints - much used, much discussed "over there" but notable by their absence from the UK market.  Likewise gel stains and many other products.  We are pleased to be able to offer a range of these great favourites from General Finishes of Wisconsin, USA, so that you too can emulate some of the interesting and effective finishes so long used and enjoyed by our cousins "over there"!

Corrosion Prevention Products from Shield Technology

In this lovely, green country of ours, which might fairly be described as "a little damp" in most seasons, keeping tools and equipment rust-free can be a nightmarish problem.  UK-based specialists Shield Technology produce a range of products designed to enable almost any hand or machine tool to be protected from the destructive ravages of our climate simply, quickly and very effectively.  If you hate to see your investment being literally eaten away by the weather, take a look at how easily that destruction can be prevented.  If it is already too late to prevent corrosion taking hold, then an equally excellent rust removal product is available to Restore your tools to prime condition.

Adhesives Range - PVA, Polyurethane .......

Adhesives are also included in this section as they so often make or break (and sometimes, repair!) a project. The range we offer includes PVA Wood Glue, both interior and exterior types, Cyanoacrylates (superglues), Epoxy Resin two-part adhesive, Polyurethane Glue (Gorilla Glue) and traditional animal glue (made from, rather than for sticking to!).

We all require a little helping hand from our friend 'the glue pot' occasionally so why not have a quality glue to hand in order to repair or even enhance your quality work: can you afford to chance it with a lesser adhesive?

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