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A range of superb finishing products from Australia which turn every user into an ardent devotee.  Once used, never forgotten might be the product slogan!  We strongly recommend following the instructions provided with these products and can really advocate the use of EEE Ultrashine as a surface preparation treatment under Shellawax (Cream or Liquid).  Give it a try: we are convinced you will not be disappointed.

Please bear in mind that, because of the security checks now imposed upon shippers, we are not able to export these products.  Sorry but that is a decision beyond our influence to change!


A one-application woodturners friction polish that really does work and is ideal for use on smaller spindle work such as pens and similar objects up to around 10 cm (4") diameter.  This exceptional polish is made using a specially formulated hard shellac as a base to give a harder, more durable finish, giving greater resistance to marks and blemishes from water, alcohol and heat.  Normally applied directly onto bare timber (though it can be used over most oils too but test on scrap first) this polish dries almost instantly yet goes on hardening for up to three weeks resulting in a truly durable finish which far exceeds others on the market today.  Once fully cured the finish is food-safe and non-toxic.


Shellawax Cream

Sharing many of the characteristics of Shellawax, above, Shellawax Cream is specially formulated for use on larger turned projects where it would normally be impossible to get a first class finish using a conventional friction polish and on stand-alone articles such as carvings.  As with Shellawax, only one application is required to completely finish the work.  Made using a specially formulated hard shellac as a base, this excellent product gives a hard, durable finish, with impressive resistance to marks and blemishes from water, alcohol and heat.  The cream formulation retards the frictional drying characteristic of friction polishes, making it suitable for use on larger lathe-turned items such as bowls and platters.  Being a cream, this product is easily controlled in application and is very economical in use.  Shellawax Cream is non-toxic.


EEE Ultrashine

This amazing product is a cut and polish paste containing Tripoli powder, an ultra-fine abrasive.  The polish is designed to be used in conjunction with Shellawax Cream and liquid formulations or as a finish in its own right on plastics (such as acrylic, resin-impregnated burr, crushed velvet, artificial ivory and similar products used for pen bodies).  It can also be used after French polishing and restorers will find it useful to cut and revive previously polished surfaces.  Although designed to be used directly on raw timber, bear in mind that EEE is not a finish in itself and the polished surface will need protecting by the use of some other product (such as Shellawax).  EEE-Ultra Shine can be used over many other finishes such as oils and most types of varnish, enhancing the surface and giving it a smoothness and lustre with an ease that you would never have thought possible.


Shithot Waxtik

is an exotic blend of waxes including animal, vegetable and mineral waxes: Carnauba, the hardest wax of all; Ozocerite and Ceresin high melt waxes for extra hardness and water resistance, microcrystalline wax for water resistance and durability and a hint of beeswax.  Waxtik is applied to the work directly with the lathe running and the wax is melted into the timber surface using the frictional heat created when the applicator cloth is moved slowly across the face of the work.  Can be used over the Shellawax products and as a final finish over EEE-Ultra Shine.  Shithot wax is non-toxic and safe for use on baby and culinary items.


Concentrated Water-Based Dyes

Concentrated, non toxic, transparent, water dye. Can be diluted up to 10 times their volume in water and still have extremely strong dying capabilities. Very subtle pastel shades can be obtained by adding dye to 100 or even 1,000 times its volume of water. The dyes are NON-TOXIC making them safe for use on bowls, food utensils, children's toys, babies rattles, etc.  Pack contains 50 ml each of blue, orange, cedar, yellow, bright green, green black and brilliant red colours.


Traditional Wax

is a general purpose was paste from a unique blend of mineral and natural waxes, including Ceresin and Carnauba, with a clean, fresh fragrance. Easy to work and leaves a lustrous, non-sticky surface on all types of timber, avoiding the "plastic" look imparted by so many polishes, that will not attract dust or show finger-marks.  Ideal for turnings, antique restoration, furniture, woodcarvings etc. etc.


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