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Instructional Courses

Rolly Munro seminar

In addition to our training activities we also hold informational seminars at our premises.  Here you see Rolly Munro from New Zealand explaining the finer points of usage of his well-known hollowing tools.  The venue is our Didcot Training Facility.

Fulfilment in a practical occupation can normally only be achieved, as in sport, when a certain level of proficiency is achieved.  Whilst it is conceivable that one might stumble upon the "correct" method of doing something, purely by chance, it is, to say the least, unlikely!

Far better is to accelerate the learning and skills assimilation process by attending a course of instruction where you can learn to develop and refine skills under an experienced hand and in safety and comfort.

Training undertaken in small groups, or even one to one, in a supportive environment, with due regard being paid to the student's ambitions is the surest way to develop skills quickly and to embed those skills such that they become the foundation of a lifelong skill set.  Such skills can transform lives and reinvigorate the keen individual, giving life new purpose and direction.

For those already possessed of a basic skill set, formal training, opens up the opportunity to learn new skills, to use equipment that might be otherwise unaffordable or to try out a new methodology before investing in equipment as well as honing basic skills and providing a refresher for skills temporarily unexercised.

Our aim here at The ToolPost is to cater for this range of needs through a developing program of training courses utilising both in-house staff and visiting tutors.  If you would like to know more about our training opportunities, please call us on 01235 511101 (or +44 1235 511101 for international callers.)  We can also provide details of accommodation close by so distance from home need not be an object.

Woodturning Courses:

Our in house woodturning courses cover the whole range of abilities.  Unless the trainee specifies otherwise, all training is carried out on a one-to-one basis.  Course dates, duration and content are very much geared to the needs and wants of the individual student.  Courses can be one, two or more days, as required, although we prefer that the student has "practice time" between sessions, if possible, as this enhances the value of the courses to the student and accelerates learning.  Costs are based on 120/day for beginner, intermediate and refresher courses.  Advanced tuition is charged at 140 per day.  Taster days are also available at 120/day.

Special Courses:

We are currently working on a "Carving on Turning" course to run in October 2012.  This will cover the use of hand carving techniques in the enhancement of turned work.

Jimmy Clewes will tutor two two-day Masterclasses at The ToolPost in November 2013.

Contact Us: on +44 (0)1235 511101 to discuss any training needs or to book a place on a course.

Woodturner Stuart Mortimer, master of the spiral twist, at work.
Anne Brouwers, Belgian wood artist carving - and obviously enjoying it!
Jimmy Clewes, prolific creator of training DVDs and popular demonstrator on both sides of the Atlantic

1997-2011 P. Hemsley.  The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley.  Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost are trading styles of Peter Hemsley.  Whilst reasonable efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information presented, no liability can be accepted for errors in this information nor for contingencies arising therefrom.  If you are inexperienced in any aspect of woodworking, we would strongly counsel that you take a course of formal instruction before commencing to practice