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What Our Clients Say

This page could be headed "What Our Friends Say" since that is what most of our customers become.  We are happy to be providing help, advice and the finest tools available to this great bunch of people.  They seem pretty happy with us too, as the following genuine quotations indicate:-

Here's what some of our customers say about us:-

  • "Many thanks for the speedy despatch of my order, I was extremely pleased with the product and the service I received from Toolpost. The chisels are excellent!! I only wish I had the skill to do them justice!"  (UK)
  • "Pleased to tell you that I received the tools today, on my desk at work as agreed when speaking to the forwarder last Friday. I can tell you frankly, after many years working as a professional buyer, I have seldom experienced such excellent service as performed by yourself and the delivery company in this comparably small matter. I really look forward to future business with you!  (Denmark)
  • "Thanks Peter. Your site looks brilliant. Must be the best on the web !  Jeremy Broun"  (UK)
  • "7 days, great service, will be using my new ring tools in a couple of hours" (New Zealand)
  • "My package arrived today in perfect condition.  I have not had a chance to try my Supercut , but I very much look forward to it.  I will definitely order from you again." (USA)
  • "I took delivery of the two tools today.  Have tested them and am very pleased.  Also, very impressed with your company's quick delivery. Thank you very much," (USA)
  • "Just a quick note to thank you for the video.  I received it on Thursday - a lot quicker than you anticipated, so thanks very much. I ordered it for my Dad's birthday next month and I'm sure he will be delighted." (UK)
  • "Peter, just thought I'd write and tell you how much I enjoy the smocks I got from you, after all of the difficulty we had in getting them to Canada. " (Canada)
  • "I work in a sales department and understand what it means to customers to pamper them.  I will retire tomorrow and take up wood turning as a new hobby.  I will also need to buy a PC and get on line at home.  You can rest assured that I shall be back in touch in the near future."  (UK)
  • "The Supercut arrived today. Good time. ...must not be Christmas.  Everything looks in order. I wasn't expecting it so soon so I didn't have any practice blanks glued up." (Canada)
  • "I don't normally feel the need to comment on the service I receive but I'll make an exception in your case. Having phoned around the shops within a twenty mile radius of my hometown (with no luck), I came across your website and 'bingo'. I placed my order at 11.25 am Wednesday and received exactly what I ordered at 7.55 am the next morning, Amazing service, I certainly won't bother hunting around the local so-called tool shops again. You offer an excellent choice of products at very good prices and the service is something else. Long may you reign."  (UK)
  • "I wish every business person was as devoted as you are." (USA)
  • "I did indeed receive my order yesterday.  Complete and in good repair.  I subscribe to a monthly newsletter called Wood Turning out of Washington State and will be letting them know about my experiences and tools.  Everything looks great!! And that SuperCut Tool .....Holy Cow!!! what a monster!!  I think Ill be ordering the outrigger handle also. Let the crew know that they did an excellent job from start to finish." (USA)
  • "Thank you for the shockingly fast delivery! Unfortunately I hadn't booked a day off from work, and am unable to try the tools until this evening!" (UK)
  • "The shipment arrived in Tucson in good order.  The 12mm bushings worked okay, but I greatly appreciate your sending the 1/2 inch bushings along "just in case."  I will gladly do business with you in the future. " (USA)
  • "When I got home from work today.  I had a package.  All arrived well and intact from the long trip.  The smock was exactly what I was looking for as my better half dislikes shavings in her washing machine out of my shirt pockets.  The gouge was worth the wait and has already made a few shavings on a large piece of Boxelder.  But to my surprise, a first in my 30 plus years of woodworking and buying tools mail-order "FREE TOOLS" WITH MY ORDER.  The wedge tool is appreciated and I am anxious to try it out.  I am very pleased with your customer service and attention in making my first experience of ordering from you very pleasant.  You can count on more orders from me in the future."  (USA)
  • "Today I received the Robert Sorby Stud and Collar.  Everything arrived safely.  Thank you so much for all of your help.  I greatly appreciate everything you have done.  I will definitely keep you in mind when I decide to purchase any other turning tools." (USA)
  • "Thanks for your return e-mail! What a great effort you are making in the world of helping people! Thanks again!" (USA)
  • "The tools were waiting at my door when I got home this afternoon. Everything was in perfect condition. I congratulate you on your superior customer service and excellent prices. This was my first order from the Tool Post. I'm sure we will be doing business again in the future." (USA)
  • "Just a note to let you know I received the order in good condition. Thanks so much! I will recommend ToolPost to my friends." (UK)
  • "I think I am going to enjoy doing business with you. You have been excellent with your communication and that is important to me." (USA)
  • "I am delighted with the service received from TOOLPOST, the drive centres ordered yesterday were received this morning. I am very impressed and will certainly deal with your company again." (UK)
  • "Everything was in good (perfect) order. You even managed to pick a date when the dollar was especially strong, saving me a few more pennies. I am still a little amazed at how small the world is getting. Next day delivery to a small town in the mountains of Southern Oregon from eight time zones away!(USA)
  • "Received blades first thing this morning.  Impressed or what!  I've been trying for over 4 weeks at my local builders merchant, without success. Thank you again" (UK)
    "I wanted to pass on a good experience with  The Toolpost .  I ordered some of the new
    Hamlet gouges "ASP-2060" from Peter Hemsley and I just received them.  Peter was very understanding with all the Emails I sent trying to make sure that the tools I wanted to order where correct.  His prices were so much better than I could get in the US that I was unsure.  I believe you get what you pay for.  I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package.  The tools I ordered where not something that Peter normally carried so he special ordered them for me.  Then Peter sent me a gift in the package because the shipment took longer then he expected.  I might add that I felt four weeks to receive the package from the UK was very reasonable on a special order.  I ordered a tool from a US company recently that was out of stock "but should be arriving any day"  took longer then four weeks to get." (USA)
  • "I have not thanked you for the gifts that you stick in with order, so a great big thank you!!!  That sandpaper is a GOD send, it works so goodand lasts ten times longer than what I was using.  I will read the article, and you have a every right to be proud of your business and the service that you give your customers, you just don't find that anymore." (USA)
  • "By the way I received the smock this morning and used it tonight - truly marvelous and the smock was just what I had hoped for. I am really impressed with both your site and your professional service. You fulfill the dream of Internet Shopping! Many thanks " (UK)
  • "The respirator arrived safely and have charged one battery which works fine.  Many thanks for speedy service." (UK)
  • "The initial sample order arrived in a good shape and all the mini-planes work well.
  • "Many thanks for speedy service."
  • "Thanks Peter for the abrasives they were excellent.  I will certainly be giving you more orders in the future."
  • "All arrived safely, thanks for the quick turnaround."
  • "I have now tried the Ekamant abrasive. I think it is excellent. One thing that I like about it is the way the paper is graded. I find there is now no need to go to 400 or more. Careful working through the Ekamant grades means that 320 is really quite enough. Here is a promise - I will be ordering more. I am just a hobby turner so the amounts will not be big. But I'll be there."
  • "It is Wednesday here, in Palau, and I'm all ready looking forward to the weekend. The multi-tip hollowing tool arrived today! Any suggestions on technique? Now that we know orders can be delivered from you to Palau I'll be back to your web site looking for those "hard to find" items. Thanks for your help. Good to have made your e-acquaintance."
  • "I think they are a GOD send, I have not been able to find a decent cloth backed abrasive anywhere in the USA.  I am so pleased that I found you and your products."
  • "I'm sitting here looking at a large stack of bog oak in beautiful condition. That's right, it arrived this morning. And I'm a little overwhelmed at the graciousness with which you've handled this entire transaction. If every merchant were to treat his customers as well as you do, they'd either go broke or this world would be a heck of a lot better place to live."
  • "The tools you shipped to me last week have arrived in perfect shape.  Thanks for the perfect communication regarding my order, the gouge that you did not have in stock and the actual shipping. I am very satisfied with the quick delivery, your communication and your large amount of tools."
  • "The wood turning smock arrived on 2/5/00.Thanking you for your co-operation."
  • "I am not concerned with the delay, but I thank you for advising me."
  • "Thanks for your endeavours.  I'm keeping a look-out for the postman."
  • "The chuck has arrived. Again in perfect shape!"
  • "Thanks for a good and fast service, I will definitely be using you again."
  • "Excellent service!  I've been a Quality Consultant this last 7 years so I am quite critical but I have nothing but praise for the way you do business. How can you keep it up? The new jaws were in use yesterday - after deciding to order on Thursday night! I am very happy with the chuck and will continue to browse through your website."
  • "Got the books this morning. Superb examples contained therein and I'm now reinspired! Thanks for the excellent customer service. It seems increasingly rare these days unfortunately."
  • "Goods arrived safely yesterday. I'm very impressed with the service and will certainly come back for more."
  • "Thank you for sending my order so quickly, I received it first thing this morning"
  • "Great to see suppliers in the woodturning business supplying real services on the net!!  I work in a high pressure job, where time is money - and being able to shop on the net has REAL value to me - saving me time, and allowing me to shop at odd hours!! Many thanks!"
  • "Both packages arrived this afternoon. Many thanks for your prompt service."
  • "All too often these days dealing with businesses, be it mail order, shops, services or so called tradesmen, you are guaranteed hassle, expensive phone calls and misinformation which leaves you wondering if "common sense" is being bred out of the human race. Nobody seems to care anymore, then every so often you find an exception like yourself, helpful, efficient, courteous, who provides a personal service and genuinely takes an interest in their customers. Sadly in my experience people like yourself are like hens teeth, - very hard to find. "
  • "Large Woodturners smock .  Thanks it arrived this morning and it's nice design. Thanks for the service."
  • "Have just bought a lathe and am really amazed at your stock!, It`s great!"
  • "Thank you for a prompt and efficient service and for the free gift.  I will use this service again"
  • "Thank you very much Peter, my order arrived this afternoon. The Crown Tool was a very welcome bonus. I will certainly continue to re-order."
  • "I would just like to thank Peter Hemsley for all his help in arranging a lathe and accessories for my husband's Christmas. Your service is second to none"
  • "I would be remiss if I failed to mention that your website is the very best one I have encountered on the Internet. Very informative, complete, and overall just extraordinary."
  • "Timber arrived through the snow drifts today beautifully packaged as usual."
  • "Having just finished a piece using your Pacific Maple Burr, I just had to let you know I am extremely happy with it.  It's beautiful wood and takes a finish like glass.  I'm ordering some more! "
  • "The order arrived promptly. It looks to be an excellent product."
  • "Today I received the tools in good order .  I will sure order again from your toolshop, paying with credit card" (The site features secure credit card transactions.)
  • "One package arrived today containing the three turning tools -- Peter that is better service than I get from C+++++ S+++++++ in Provo Utah.  Now that is darn good service."
  • "The tools you sent are great.  I almost don't use the W++++++++ set at all."
  • "Meanwhile I'm enjoying the tools.  Unlike a bandsaw blade I bought at a woodworking show, which is supposed to have been shipped a week ago that hasn't shown up yet"
  • "Thanks for your letter and sample of Burr Maple which arrived today.  Isn't it beautiful stuff?"
  • "Just to let you know how fast the mail service is ..."
  • "....your shipping box--never have I experienced such a fine box,  with corner gussets no less."
  • "The parcels did, indeed, arrive.  Thank you for your prompt and efficient service."
  • "I received the timber today.  I have only had time for the briefest of glimpses as I unpacked it, but it looks wonderful."
  • "Today, 16 March, I received my order, sent March 9. Excellent little parting tool from Sorby, just what I was looking for. The smock fits well, enough room to move, without excess. Great protection! Thanks very much."
  • "Received the wood turning smock through the post today, 1 June. I really like it! Thanks!"
  • "Tools arrived today. first class, excellent quality and service."
  • "Tools arrived in great shape and I like them very much."
  • "Hi Peter, my mother has just let me know that the book has arrived. Postal services from overseas are far faster than our local postal services! Thanks a lot."
  • "Tool arrived today; thanks for prompt and courteous service"
  • "Thanks again, it is wonderful to do business with you."
  • "... wanting some extra items in due course ... if you are able to supply ..., I was very impressed with the service you gave with the first order I placed with you recently.
  • "The light weight chuck is absolutely beautiful.  Will show it to the members of the local club, with comment that same is not offered in catalogues in US.  Thanks for you efficient care with this order."
  • "The tools arrived yesterday and were better than I expected. ... ... ... Anyway the quality of all tools sent was impressive and I thank you"
  • "Thanks for taking care of my order and making the changes on the cutter. I am glad to have such service."
  • "Again, I thank you so much for your excellent service and I will hopefully order again soon."
  • "The gouge arrived on Friday. Excellent service, thank you."

What more can one say but "Thank You" to all of our customers!

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