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Myford ML8 A Lathe
Uniquely equipped for both Woodturning and Metal Turning
with large range of accessories included

Undoubtedly one of the rarest lathes it has ever been our privilege to present on these pages, this gem has been the pride and joy, and woodturning tutor, to its present owner, now reluctantly moving the lathe along to create space for a shiny new Killinger lathe.

Myford ML8A Wood- and Metal-turning lathe for sale
ML8A outboard turning attachment ML8A - 3-jaw chuck
ML8A 4-jaw independent chuck ML8A - Sanding table attachment
ML8A - Jacobs drill chuck ML8A - choice of toolrests ML8A - cross- and compound-slide attachment assembly ML8A - headstock with chuck fitted

Myford ML8A
(British-made wood (and metal) - turning lathe)

- centre height 4 inches (~100 mm): swing (inboard) 8 inch (~200mm)
- distance between centres 30 inches (w/o chuck etc)
- head and tail stock take No 1 Morse Taper accessories

- lathe is mounted on a bespoke wooden cabinet (with drawer and cupboards)
   (84.5 cm H x 123 cm W x 45 cm D: overall height including lathe: 115 cm)

- will be supplied complete with the following accessories:
   - 3 jaw chuck with spare jaws
   - 4 jaw chuck
   - 6 inch inboard faceplate
   - 10 inch outboard faceplate
   - outboard bowl turning attachment
   - outboard tilting sanding attachment
   - selection of sanding discs (for above)
   - 6 inch toolrest
   - 10 inch toolrest
   - live (revolving) centre
   - Jacobs drill chuck on No 1 Morse Taper arbor
   - Long hole boring drill approx 5/16" dia. and ... ... ...
   - Compound Slide Assembly (for metal turning) on its own special bracket to fit onto lathe bed, with  2 sets of original Myford metal turning tools still in their original boxes

Asking price just 200 o.v.n.o
to become the owner of this very special lathe
Location: Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire
Contact: email enquiries:
or mobile phone: (best time after 8 p.m.):  07506 721689

Axminster AWVSL1000 Lathe
Little used, complete with stand

This popular lathe from Axminster is ideal for a beginner or for a more experienced turner perhaps wanting to take the next step up from a table-top lathe.

Rated as a Hobby series lathe, this machine boasts a between centres capacity of
1100mm (43.3"); and swing over bed of 370mm (14") for bowl turning.
The headstock both rotates and can be slid along the bed to the most comfortable working position. Spindle thread is the popular 1" x 8 tpi and the toolpost diameter is 1" (25.4mm).
Motor power is 1 HP (0.75 kW) and the mechanical variable speed system gives a
stepless continuous speed range from 500 to 2000 rev/min.
The lathe is offered with a live centre and faceplate, ready to go to work, and is complete with the manufacturers leg stand.

Due to health issues, the present owner has had little opportunity to use the lathe, which accounts for its virtually 'as new' condition, despite its being 2 years old.

The lathe is currently located in Oxford where it is available for collection.

Priced for quick sale at: 280

Contact: Richard Stone on 07751 981500 for further information

Kelton Discontinued Ranges

Various Kelton Products

Kel McNaughton has been 'rationalising' his product range again, leaving us holding several very attractive but orphaned babies - sorry- tools.

We have a few Hollow Form Mandrels and matching Faceplates, designed to enable a hollow form to be held on the lathe whilst the chucking recess is removed from the base and final detailing is applied.

Also to be found are ER16 and ER25 Collet handles, heavy duty 1" scraper blades suitable for mounting on a 5/8" tool shaft or similar, as well as various components of the Kelton Sharpening System, and of the Carving clamp

Please call or visit the shop to check availability and specific pricing.
There are, however, no current products such as centre savers, Kelton hollowers etc. For those, please refer to the
Kelton Tools pages of this site.

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