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Keeping the workpiece held securely in a chuck or between centres whilst you work on it is a most important objective.  A browse through this section will show that virtually every eventuality or prospective need has been catered for.  Not quite like the turning tools section, but this is still a pretty huge selection, broken down into the following categories for convenience:-

In addition to the above, we also stock the
Nova G3 and SuperNova chucks from Teknatool,
as well as the

Record Power SC3 and SC4 chucks and accessories,

not to mention jaws to fit the Axminster chuck range.  We just haven't found time to put all of them on the website yet - if you need one of these products, or anything else you can't see here, please pick up the phone.

If you are unsure of the spindle thread on your lathe, then a browse through our spindle data list may help clarify things for you. Don't forget to check the instruction manual for your lathe too; and, finally, measure the diameter of the thread (check both metric and imperial dimension possibilities) and count, or measure, the number of threads (per inch or per centimetre).

Magnetic "Bitsa" Trays - Stainless Steel

Square magnetic tray 240 mm x 240 mm
Circular magnetic tray 150 mm diameter

Such a simple idea, but fabulous for stopping the bits and pieces rolling away from your workplace.  Put one on your lathe headstock and you'll never lose the screws for mounting chuck jaws again - hopefully.  One alongside the drill press means that you'll always know where the chuck key is.  The uses are legion and at this price you can afford to be liberal!  Three sizes and formats but all great value and truly indispensible.

Rectangular magnetic tray 150 mm x 244 mm


Worklights from Charnwood, left, and our own VersaLamp5, right.
Workplace task lighting from the ML28 (left) and VersaLamp5 (right)

Good lighting in the workplace is a prerequisite of good, accurate working. As tempus fugit and the years start to accumulate in our personal rolls the need for good lighting seems to increase: it certainly does for me. It is not exaggerating to say that a well-lit environment is essential for safe and accurate working.

However, obtaining good lighting seems to get more difficult, probably because with the decline of industries such as engineering, there is no longer the market for 'task lighting' that we used to enjoy.

We were pleased to be approached by a small-scale manufacturer with an idea for an affordable worklight, but one that produced an excellent reasonably well collimated beam of good intensity. Even more amazing, using that miracle of the modern age, the LED lamp, these lights produce all of that output from a mere 5 watt bulb! Think what that means in terms of running costs! We present that light here under our own branding as the VersaLamp5. We think that you will find it has a very useful output, is easy to flex to shape and its magnetic base, using rare earth magnets, means that it will 'stick' to any ferrous surface - such as the horizontal or vertical surfaces of your lathe - or your bandsaw table or cabinet, very securely. It also runs virtually cold - you can touch the bulb without any risk of burning - unlike those 'good old' quartz-halogen lights! The lamp is shown in the accompanying illustration: it is the one with the blue 'stem' which is approx. 250mm (10 in.) long, standing on the right hand side. The 'bulb' is replaceable should it ever get damaged, or to give a different light output.

For many years the de facto standard for low-cost work lighting has been the multi-LED array and the second light we offer is of this type with a 28-LED array providing the light output, referenced as the ML28. The base is, again, magnetic and is of the 'switchable' type as typically used on an engineer's magnetic base for supporting measuring equipment such as DTIs. The stem is approximately 370mm long, is flexible, holding into almost any pre-set position. The lamp stands approx. 500mm tall overall. Individual LEDs are not replaceable.

If the test of a lamp is the illumination it produces, then the lower (unretouched) photograph is possibly the most useful as it provides a direct visual comparison between the outputs of the two types of lamps listed, each positioned the same distance from the background and with both products photographed simultaneously.

My conclusion is that, if cost is your key criterion, then the ML28 will fit your bill: on the other hand if you are seeking the best illumination, then the VersaLamp5 is streets ahead - which is why we have undertaken to offer it to the marketplace.


Anti-Fatigue Workmat

Stress-relieving AltiErgo workplace mat

PREVENTION is better than CURE

This ergonomic floor mat is designed to minimise the stress on the feet and legs while standing at the same place for long periods, specially on hard surfaces. It provides stress relief for muscles and nerves. The contact pressure at your feet is reduced by 60% when compared with standing on hard surfaces. Use of this mat gives a comfortable feeling and reduces tiredness when standing at the same place for longer periods, for example beside machinery, at workstations, in laboratories, kitchens, etc.

    Other benefits include:

      Anti-slip surface, giving you a better and safer stance when using machinery
      Bevelled edging, eliminating a possible trip hazard
      Waterproof, easy to clean
      Insulating - helps to keep feet warm. Especially useful on concrete and suspended floors.

The size of the mat is 60cm x 90cm x 2 cm; lage enough to permit movement without undue restriction or stepping off the mat and small enough to fit beneath the stand on, for example, a lathe. Colour: Anthracite grey


*NB: Prices quoted in pounds sterling.
Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents excepting if a valid EU VAT Registration Number is provided.

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