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 Carving Knives

Carving & Whittling Tools

The range of wood carving tools available from the manufacturers whom we represent is immense.  So much so that the major challenge we face in bringing these tool to you, on line, is the means of presentation without creating confusion through the breadth of the offering. 

On the basis that one must start somewhere, we offer tools from Robert Sorby, Hamlet Craft Tools, Henry Taylor and Flexcut plus our own carving and whittling knives, as a sound basis for development and invite you to contact us by email or telephone for any additional items not listed here.

For simplicity, we have broken the tools down into groups related primarily to the size of work to be undertaken.

  • Normal carving tools covering the majority of projects likely to be undertaken by the amateur carver. In addition to both individual tools and sets of tools this section also includes carving accessories such as the Carver's Clamp and Mallets.
  • Sculptural carving tools of the type used on larger projects.  Typically these have blade sizes ranging from 7/8" (22 mm) upwards.
  • Miniature carving tools, as used on smaller work, and capable of being handled by children learning the craft.  (Not that these are children's tools: it is simply that their smaller size makes it easier for children to drive them through the timber under hand pressure.)
  • Chip carving knives and Whittling knives.  These are the only tools needed to make a start on this fascinating branch of carving and are both simple and inexpensive.  It is interesting to contrast the free-form and imaginative approach typical of whittling and the regular, geometric precision of chip carving, yet both are created simply by the use of knives.  This section includes our own extensive range of carving knives.
  • Power Carving in the context of this website refers to the use of rotary equipment to remove timber so in this section you will find products such as the Arbortech carving wheels
  • Taking the notion of power carving a giant step further are the WivaMac Copy Carving Machines which will replicate almost any sculptural form, completely under hand control.

For suitable sharpening methods see the sharpening section of this website.

And if you fear that the odd slip of the chisel or knife is a danger to your hands, it may be worth taking a look at the "cut-proof" gloves in the Protective Clothing section of this website.

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